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Shayne Ward - Breathless

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by awsuki, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. The song''s all right, isn''t it. I''m appreciating him more this time around, particularly with his top off.
  2. I think it''''s ''''saint'''', there is no way he''''s saying ''''thank''''.

    Does anyone think it sounds very Britney circa 1999? I can imagine it being written at the same time as ''''Soda Pop'''' or something as awful.
    (And yes, I know about Max Martin)
  3. he looks like phil mitchell now lol
  4. The best thing Shayne Ward has ever done was prompt Sharon Osborne to say on prime time ITV; "Shayne - I have something for you. It''s warm. It feels really nice and it smells good too".

    Dirty bitch.
  5. Continuing with what seems to be the theme with this era in Shaynes career, a craptastic cover to go with the craptastic single.


    He looks like he just broke out of jail or something.
  6. It''s not creative or anything, but I don''t think it''s a bad cover.

    Anyway, I like this song more with each listen. Sure the lyrics are some of the worst ever sung... but he does have a very enjoyable voice.
  7. Shayne or Alvin?
  8. Wow. What a terrible load of crap that is.

    Sounds like it belongs on R Kelly''s last album where he sang about being a "sex-a-saurus" and how he''ll call you back once he''s not "making babies".
  9. I havent heard it yet but am not optimistic after hearing everyones first impressions on here, but I do think Shayne is the sexiest male pop star out there and as a plus,he can actually sing quite well too.

    Will reserve my judgment till I hear the song but it really isnt looking too good when its taken him so long to release new material...Louis Walsh really is full of crap..He has been saying for months that Shaynes new material is outstanding....Well I suppose it is compared to the rubbish that Louis makes westlife pump out..At least its an original song..
  10. It''s fantastic. Should go top three. Will be played in every Greek French Italian German Spanish beach bar this summer. It even sounds like he sings "I wanna zank your mother just for giving you birth". He could have said "muzzer" and be done with it. Very Enrique. To all the hatas: you thought Paris Hilton''s single would be shit and it was a smash. So will this be. The lyrics are godawful, mind. I''ll FIND SOME COLD FOOD haha nice one, pj.m It''s here btw
  11. Well after reading DigitalSpy''s review of a few of the album tracks it seems as though the album is all about the sex (yes, you cant have a pop album without a song about phone sex). And if you thought we''d seen the last of cringeworthy lyrics more fool you...''If we had babies, they’d have your eyes. I’d fall deeper watching you give life''...oh dear.

    However, ''You Make Me Wish'' does sound quite good and could perhaps make you wonder why the record label decided to change the single release to the current release.
  12. The tracks sound good but I don''t think Shayne can cut the image. I would rather an American artist do this album.
  13. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    Oh thanks.....
  14. I meant that in a positive way! Assuming that the tracks sound good (this one doesn''t however...) I would rather they be done by someone like JT who can carry off the vibe. Not Shayne, can he even spell properly?
  15. This is so shockingly shite I can''t even properly begin to verbalise my horror.

    But I''m going to try.

    I''ve listened to it four times and each time it gets more annoying. I''m sure that''s the effect it will have, to irritate the public whenever it comes on the radio and be voted Worst Song in those top ten lists BBC 3 copile. Just piss poor.
  16. If the album is all about the sex, why have a lead single that sounds like a playground chant.

    At least SexyBack sounded dirty, this just sounds a bit quaint.

    More "Ahhhh" than "Phowaaaar"
  17. From Digital Spy

    DS presents an exclusive preview of the new Shayne Ward album, which is so hot off the press that it doesn’t even have a name yet. You want the good news? Well, someone – a shaven-headed someone who may or may not have won The X Factor a couple of years ago – has obviously been listening to a lot of Justin Timberlake and Rihanna recently. This person might just have been practising his dance moves too. What’s more, we’d hazard a guess that he’s been indulging in a fair bit of jigginess of late. But there’s some bad news too: the album’s not out until October. And there''s nothing about nearly-drowned midgets on it. Sob!

    ‘If That’s OK With You’

    The album’s first single is co-written by Max ‘Since U Been Gone’ Martin, but there’s not a scorching guitar riff in sight. Its shuffling, calypso-style rhythm track and effortless melody make it the perfect soundtrack to the last days of summer. Good job that it’s out at the end of August, eh? The track’s love-it-or-hate feature is the vocoder effect on the last line of the chorus, which makes Shayne sound a bit like Stephen Hawking’s teenage daughter.

    ''Track 2''

    The album’s big ballad! The spare production – featuring occasional electro blips and some understated strings – houses a killer vocal from Shayne. In fact, he hits a note at the end that’ll have a certain Mr. Timberlake quivering in his converse. But what should we make of this lyrical nugget: “If we had babies, they’d have your eyes. I’d fall deeper watching you give life.â€￾ Is Shayne suggesting that the sight of a baby’s head squeezing out of his girlfriend’s unmentionables is enough to make him fall head over heels? Eek.

    ''Track 3''

    Is this electro-R&B club banger an answer song to the Pussycat Dolls’ ‘Don’t Cha?’ Over marching band drum rolls and propulsive synth washes, Shayne coos “you make me wish I didn’t have a girlfriendâ€￾. This one’s sweatier than a marathon runner’s sneakers - but in a good way. It makes you imagine Shayne whipping his top off in a packed nightclub which – given the evidence to the left – wouldn’t exactly be unpleasant, would it?

    ''Track 4''

    This mid-tempo electro-pop smoochathon is about a girl who keeps Shayne “up on the phone all nightâ€￾. Phwoar! This tune dares Shayne to show off his finest JT-style falsetto, and he doesn’t shirk the challenge. The best song about phone sex ever.
  18. Let me add that I think this song promises to make Shayne the new Peter Andre. Let''s pray his album is more dance and less prance.
  19. That''s EXACTLY what I thought when I first heard it! That or The Real McCoy ''Love and devotion'', or China Black
  20. This is great....I thought Shane has disapeared but im glad hes back with a really good single
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