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Shayne Ward - New Single written by Max Martin

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by maxmartin, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. As above as slightly excited now!
  2. Cowell and co really should have taken better care of Shayne, as many like him, so hopefully MaxMartin will give him the hit he deserves.
  3. When are we gonna hear this bloody new material! He''s really taking his time!

    I saw him in Canary Wharf a while ago and he''s still looking damn hot!
  4. Is it just me hoping for a Backstreet Boys era Max Martin track rather than a "rockier" one? It probably is!

    Are these tracks just Max Martin, or is Dr "finger in every pie" Luke involved too?

    Steve x
  5. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Sounds intriguing! I will be interested to hear it!
  6. Is the Max Martin reference in the title supposed to make us go oooh or something? Max is crap at the moment, just rehashing his only hit - Since U Been Gone. And now we get the whole has-been "I used to be a world famous producer" team from Sweden working on a has-been artist. Gosh. I do hope to be proved wrong though, I did vote for Shayne back then.
  7. I think Max Martin can write very good pop songs. I surpose his been in the background a bit cos of all the Xenomania and Timberland sounds that are around at the moment. But i think Max Martin may actually give a decent song to Shayne that he deserves as his first album was a bit dissapointing
  8. Is this the "You Make Me Wish" track we''ve been hearing about? Either way, I''m excited...I love Shayne and I hope his new material is better than the crapfest that was his first album.
  9. Cuz I Can and I Don''t Think So were really good songs, I think Max still has plenty of hits left in him...
  10. btw, where did you hear about this?
  11. He needs to sex-it-up big time and do something uptempo like George Michaels disco tunes, like Amazing or Flawless and stop aiming for the chav market - he could pull it off, I think he is one horney mutha!
  12. PPG


    I''m not sure where the original poster got their information from, but his MySpace confirms it.

    "As soon as the tour finished i had a couple of weeks holiday before flying out to Sweden to continue recording the new album. Im now 80% finished and its sounding fantastic, im really excited. The first single has been chosen and will be released on 13th August (i wanted you guys to know first!).

    It''s written by max Martin who is a huge producer around the world...he wrote most of Kelly Clarkson''s last album, the list of his hits is endless! He loves the song and is very excited which is great. Im also working really closely with Rami, Anthor + Savan who have worked on the whole album with me. The music is different from the first album, taking a more cooler, urban/pop edge.

    Im really proud of the album and hopefully you guys will love it! It''s got a real mixture of uptempo''s, mid tempo''s and a beautiful ballad."

    I particularly like how it says a beautiful ballad.
  13. I completely approve of the lack of ballads. I''m really excited now! I''ve had high hopes for Shayne for a long time and I hope his new work proves me right.
  14. Shayne Ward is the perfect example of who a pop star should be.He definitely has the looks and the voice,all he needs now are good uptempo songs.

    His first album was a snoozefest but No Promises was one of the best pop songs in the last few years.Plus,he is a really nice grounded down to earth guy.

    I look forward very much to his new material.
  15. God yeah, his first album was so boring. It sounded like 30 minutes of one boring song. Only No Promises stood out and the song that was used for Hollyoaks in the City - but that probably stood out cos it was the only uptempo track on the album
  16. I hope it''s Max Martin in his Britney phase rather then his Kelly phase.
  17. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    But what if it was neither?
  18. I''d still crave new songs that sound like they''re from pop''s golden era of 1998 - 2002.
  19. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    Oh well!
  20. Its been confirmed on his official site apparently that his new single is called ''If That''s OK With You'' and released on 20th August - and they mentioned this morning on Popworld that he would be appearing on the show next week as well.
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