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She & Him - Classics (New album this year)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. [video=youtube;8j_Zf6d9rNs][/video]

    Maybe this isn't an album anyone particularly needed in their life, but I have high faith that it will be a highly pleasant listen.
  2. Since every album they've put out have included some brilliant covers, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with this. She & Him are favourites of mine, glad they've not wasted time in bringing out another album.
  3. I liked a lot of embarrassing shit when I was thirteen, but She & Him are probably the cringiest of all.
  4. I wouldn't say they're particularly cringeworthy?

    Looks like they're going the same route as Gaga...
  5. She & Him are great. Looking forward to this album. I love Zooey's voice, though I like her songwriting a lot, so it's a shame it's a cover album.
  6. I've only ever liked one song of theirs. They are so overrated.
  7. Track Listing:

    1. Stars Fell on Alabama
    2. Oh No, Not My Baby
    3. It’s Not for Me to Say
    4. Stay Awhile
    5. This Girl’s In Love With You
    6. Time After Time
    7. She
    8. Teach Me Tonight
    9. It’s Always You
    10. Unchained Melody
    11. I’ll Never Be Free
    12. Would You Like to Take a Walk
    13. We’ll Meet Again

    Ooooooooh, my love, my daaaaaaarling
    I've hungered foooor your touch

    I'm actually really, really looking forward to Time After Time.
  8. "Stay Awhile":

  9. I like Stay Awhile. Nothing groundbreaking, but it's nice to see one of Dusty Springfield's less known songs recognized.
  10. Gorgeous.


    (I actually thought this would be a Cyndi Lauper cover.)
  11. Time After Time is lovely, so lovely that I'm not utterly disappointed that it isn't a Cyndi Lauper cover.
  12. I'm glad it's not a cover. If it was, they'd be eviscerated for covering Cyndi and everyone would be saying how rubbish it is, even if it wasn't.
  13. Is Volume III any good? I have the first two. I love the first one and can listen to the second one occasionally.
  14. The second volume is my favourite!
  15. It's still a cover, Frank Sinatra did the original.

    Zooey's voice really is perfect for this kind of material.
  16. Has anyone else bought this record?
    Obviously, you know by now what you get when you listen to She & Him and there are very few surprises, but it's all very charming and Zooey's voice sounds better than ever.
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