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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VoR, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. VoR


    I've been listening to a lot of the Scots popstrel lately. Particularly all the Prince inspired/penned R&B stuff she did when she buggered off to America. Some seriously good stuff there. Strut should really be a classic, but like most of that stuff it did sod all in the UK. I almost wish someone would cover it, more up to date production and it'd still sound quite brilliant in todays market.

    All her videos are on Youtube, definitely a lot worth checking out. I also love Sugar Walls, The Lover In Me, What Comes Naturally and the incredibly dramatic 101.

    Not so keen on the earlier stuff when she was just a dowdy balladeer, but Machinery is quite catchy in a bizarre sort of way.

    She really needs a proper Greatest hits, but I suppose her many record companies would make this impossible.

    Oh and it seems like she's sadly gone down the route of SCARY plastic surgery!

  2. I've only heard some of the R&B stuff from the late 80s and I agree with 101, it's brilliant. Days Like This is another belter. She's also done my favourite version EVER of Don't Leave Me This Way, on her Fabulous album.
  3. What a silly bitch she is:

    "Well Hallo there y'all!"

    Her newfound accent change is utterly mad. It's difficult to believe that Prince worked with her.
  4. At her best, for me, she was the epitome of 80's glamour, an admittedly contrived & manufactured sex-kitten, and her best music always conveyed this to the full - at times like Strawberry milkshake with added artificial sweetner, you had to have the stomach for it.  Sugar Walls was magnetic, with every skittered beat worth savoring.  It manages to outclass almost everything else she ever recored solo, yet she still has an impressively solid catalogue. 

    My very favourite Easton album is without a doubt the Nile Rogers produced Do You (1985).  It's her most consistently compelling non-compilation collection: Don't Turn Your Back, Can't Wait Till Tomorrow, Don't Break My Heart, Money Back Guarantee (my personal favourite) & When Lightning Strikes Again are all great, energetic, stuttery, retro-fied dancefloor showcases of the decade.  Her voice - managing to glide without having much of a range - was never strong, yet she was packaged like a siren and sang believing so, which made her all the more compelling.

    After she found the sex I would say there is something in every album that makes them worth buying.  It does help if you're willing to get caught up in her naff-but-savvy rapture.
  5. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    "Modern Girl" is in Dancing Stage/DDR SuperNova.

    It's in all versions of the game, America, Europe and Japan.
    So she either still has global apeal, or she was cheap to license...
  6. pdf


    101, Days Like This and The Lover In Me are also particularly strong songs.
  7. I love the Answers from Management bit on her website:

    1. Are there any plans for a new CD or new DVD? Possibly a DVD, nothing definite. Don’t ask for release dates.

    4. Sheena has mentioned many times in the past few years being in the process of finishing a children's album and book "The elephant in the attic". Is she still working on it? Yes, she is still working on it.

    7. Did Sheena join Prince on stage at the 2006 Brit awards? No

    11. PTA Mom, soccer Mom or both? Soccer Mom

  8. I LOVE 101 - esp the part "my girlfriends tease me, they try and please me..." is that it? "Do It For Love" is an underrated track too. "You Could Have Been With Me" is great too.
  9. 101 is an incredible song, probably my favourite of all the songs Prince wrote for other people, it's just so atmospheric. I used to have it on 3" CD single but it got nicked, which I'm still pissed off about.

    The other Prince-penned song on that album, Cool Love, is atrocious though.
  10. Hehe. I remember seeing these types of very blunt and fairly unfriendly responses on her website a few years back. So I sent a note, asking whether a bit more info could be shared.... what I received from her webmistress was shockingly rude and accused me of not being a fan.... methinks Sheena's people may be lacking a bit of warmth...
  11. I blame Esther Rancid Rantzen.
  12. I love Sheena Easton, my grandad knew her when she lived in Scotland and that's how I found out about her. I have most of her albums which seem fairly hard to obtain now. I agree about her representation, they are really unfriendly. Why have a Q&A section on the website if you can't be bothered giving more that a one sentence response?
  13. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    one sentence? more like one word!
  14. Just rediscovered Telefone - Long Distance Love Affair, love the 'new wave' synthy bits and the double handclaps which also add fantasticness to any song - Ladytron should cover it!
  15. I don't know why, but for years I thought she was black and American.
  16. Aamyko

    Aamyko Guest

    I think it all went down hill for poor Sheena when she started doing exercise videos.. she really didn't need to go down that route. I LOVE her and her music but yet again it's just a mix of bad songs and bad management.
    I love "I Wouldn't Beg For Water" with lyrics like
    " I wouldn't beg for water, but I'd get down on my knees for you" who needs anything else?
  17. Her website now opens with:

    Sheena does not participate on myspace"

  18. Last weekend, I watched a Scooby-Doo DVD she did one of the voices on, and then remembered she was the voice of Sasha in All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 and the subsequent cartoon series, so I did the natural thing and downloaded her greatest hits and am now obsessed (as you probably know if you go in the Random Pop Thoughts, I Just Bought, or Unintentionally Hilarious Covers threads). Strut is so great, as are her covers of Jimmy Mack and Finger on the Trigger. Jimmy Mack is so breezy and summery. I wondered if it was a SAW production, but it's Nile Rodgers, which is really just as good.
  19. I liked her early albums over the later RnB stuff. 'A Private Heaven' from 1984 is a great pop LP. Flopped in the UK, but a big hit in the States.
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