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Sheena Easton

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VoR, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Exactly, good to see more Sheena on digital platforms.... but, these aren't going to be very me albums I think all the same.
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  2. I really hope the reissue series for Sheena's catalogue hasn't fallen by the wayside.
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  3. Not heard anything lately. Hopefully they’re taking their time and doing them right.
  4. My Cherie has a few nice tracks. A return to her pop roots. No Strings is a standards album. Even I’m not interested in that!
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  5. Yes, a standards album is not me especially, may well try My Cherie though.
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  6. A few sluggish ballads, but some nice pop songs there. Not her greatest work though.
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  7. Is her song from Indecent Proposal on My Cherie too?
  8. What song is that?
  10. Just seen the tracklist for My Cherie, and it seems indeed that above song is on there. Just played out of curiosity her cover of The Man That Got Away, and her voice is beautiful on it.
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  11. The Nearness Of You isn’t on my copy of My Cherie.
  12. Sorry meant No Strings!
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  13. No Strings has its magical moments, The Nearness of You is one of them. But My Cherie felt safe and uninspired.
  14. No Strings is a great album, Sheena never sounded better.

    My Cherie is indeed a safe album but it has its moments.
  15. Now come on What Comes Naturally please!
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  19. Great news. At least they’re doing something. CR were supposed to be releasing deluxe editions of Sheena’s first 5 albums this year. Hopefully this is the start of that.

    The cover picture of the GH is from the Do You era. Undoubtedly not one Sheena holds dear to her heart!
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