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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VoR, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Universal need to get a shift on digitising this album. One of 1991's biggest hits on the ARIA Charts remains missing until they do.
  2. To this day I still can’t quite understand why her follow up singles from The Lover In Me in the States didn’t stick. Days Like This was a solid choice, backed by a reasonable video. 101 should’ve been a hit too.
  3. I agree, it really was a solid singles run, perhaps her very best It's not like Days Like This and No Deposit, No Return were miles away in terms of sound when compared to The Lover In Me either.
  4. Totally agree! Still baffled by ''Days Like This'' peaking at #43!
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  5. Deserved much more.
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  6. I agree. The major success of the lover in me did carry any of the subsequent singles to chart at all in the US. LA Reed and Babyface were churning out some major top quality pop. They worked on Karyn Whites debut.
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  7. The Lover In Me, is her best album for me gotta say.
  8. There are so many gems on The Lover in Me

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  9. It looks like Sheena did well at the charity shops that day!

    Why does her arm look hairy, though?!

    Not overly keen on this cover, if I’m honest. Looks a bit cheap and ‘last minute’.

    Bring on the expanded editions of her 7 EMI albums!
  10. And it missed the U.S. Hot 100 altogether. A major wtf moment.
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  11. 101, is also another HUGELY underrated Sheena single!

  12. One of the best remixes of all time.
  13. Tune!
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  14. I don't get it either. The Lover in Me was/is such a fantastic song but the follow-ups could have at least broke the top 20 or 40. The Lover in Me had been her biggest hit (aside from U Got the Look) in a few years and she had a sexy new image, plus her Bally's promo ads, plus she had also been on Prince's U Got the Look and that video got lots of rotation. It was a hot time in her career and it's a shame the subsequent singles couldn't capitalize on that.
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  15. I actually prefer Days Like This to Lover In Me but regardless, it is so weird that the first single would be such a hit and then the others would flop so hard.
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  16. Everything going for the era on paper, but alas, not enough even then.
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  17. Mine as well. I listen to the whole thing. The follow up isn’t to shabby as well.
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  18. Yes, quite enjoyable that one too, love all 3 singles from it as well. Especially the gem that is this:
  19. [​IMG]

    LONG overdue, but finally on streaming/digital!!
  20. Good find! I've wanted this on streaming forever, the title track is my favourite Sheena song and To Anyone is a beautiful ballad. It even includes What Comes Naturally (Extended Club Version)!
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