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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VoR, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Sheena's trash pop opus Fabulous is also on streaming!


    Giving Up, Giving In is actually great in an "I want a Believe moment" kind of way.
  2. Giving this a go for this first time ever right now!
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  4. Now that What Comes Naturally has finally made it onto streaming, I've given most of it a listen and it's shockingly good! Totally of its time but still some great tunes on there. First Touch of Love, the title track and If You Wanna Keep Me are highlights so far.
  5. Half A Heart is a glorious little bop too. Perhaps if they chose a stronger second single, the album might have had a better chance of connecting with the public. It’s a crime that so many What Comes Naturally remixes aren’t commercially available.
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  6. The title track is my favourite Sheena song (that iconic rap!) and To Anyone is her best ballad.

    Hopefully we will get a reissue at some point to include the remixes.
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  7. To Anyone is just lush and majestic isn’t it? We also need No Strings on streaming. Her reading of The Nearness Of You is pretty special, not to mention Ne Me Quitte Pas.

    EDIT: just saw that No Strings also made it onto Spotify. I’m a happy man.
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  8. Be rude not to quite frankly!
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  9. "If You Wanna Keep Me" was in the running for the 2nd single - it was between that and "You Can Swing It". In the end they chose the latter.
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  10. I think both are really great, I'm shocked a second single did nothing after a Top 20 with the title track.
  11. Unfortunately the same thing with song the lover in me. After a number 2 high (behind Debbie gibsons Lost in your eyes.
  12. Happy Sheena Singles day!

    My copy just finally arrived, and looks great!
  13. Mine arrived too, it's much bigger and bulkier and pinker than I expected! Looks a great set, will get stuck in over the weekend.
  14. Approve of all the pink very much too!
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  15. It feels like labels would invest in radio pluggers / promo / a great video / TV slots and some payola for the first single and then as soon as the album didn't take off majorly they'd do nothing for the second single.

    Not just with Sheena, a lot of 80s acts had that.

    THOUGH both Swing and the other song are nowhere near as good.

    With Lover, again, no song came close - though I love Follow My Rainbow, Without You and Days Like This. Follow My Rainbow is such a Super Woman cope though! Babyface sis.
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  16. I got all excited thinking this was a singles box set.

    sad face
  17. Sorry!
  18. Shame this isn’t released digitally… unless it’s coming to digital later?
  19. I would like it on digital too. As its a Cherry Pop release though, I am not too sure.
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  20. I ordered the Sheena collection for a pricey $35 on Amazon US, eagerly awaiting the arrival to hear the unreleased tracks.
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