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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VoR, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. If Whitney had sung it, would have been an top 10 hit too am sure.
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  2. Indeed, Narada Michael Walden produced it and he produced the mega Whitney bops in the '80s so she probably would have made it a major hit. Too bad Sheena's missed the US Top 40. Such a bop, and I love the film from which it comes - About Last Night. Rob Lowe at peak hotness and Demi Moore gives an Oscar-worthy performance (I'm actually not kidding about the last part, Demi is really terrific in this movie).
  3. Sheena really had so many great singles, nice to see this set already sold out via Cherry Red last time I looked.
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  4. Plus, it gives them more incentive to reissue her studio albums!
  5. Indeed, that should soon be following-well the 80-87 albums anyway.
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  6. Yes. It’s a shame they’re not going beyond that at the moment.

    Of course, Cherry Red did do a (mini) deluxe of The Lover In Me about a decade ago. I’m selling that on eBay as we speak!
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  7. Wonder if the later albums will follow?
  8. At the moment it’s only the EMI albums.

    When CR did The Lover In Me special edition, they said there was one to follow for What Comes Naturally. Sadly, this never came to pass…
  9. Shame, guess rights issues perhaps.
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  10. Finally got The Definitive Singles: 1980 - 1987 delivered and both Anything Can Happen and Sweet Talker are absolutely fantastic! Crazy these went 30+ years in the vault. I wonder if the album reissues will unearth more unheard gems. Looks like at least one made its way onto A Private Heaven's.
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  12. It's December so I can finally listen to this

    One of my favourite Christmas songs, so glad they included it on the singles collection.
  13. Lovely! Still think the Sheena singles collection, was one of the best re issues of the year.
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  14. I’ve just noticed an expanded edition of Lover In Me has been added to Spotify…. Is this recent? Including the morales mix of 101!!
  15. Good find! The Morales Mix of 101 is one of my all time favourite remixes.
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  16. Thanks very much for the heads up-enjoying it again right this very moment!
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  17. Just bought the Miami Vice Blu-Ray set. Looking forward to watching the episodes where Sheena was a guest star.
  18. Anyone getting the Cherry Red 2 CD remaster of A Private Heaven that’s out next week?
  19. Decided to give it a miss to be honest. Great album, but nothing really of note on this re issue to tempt me either.
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  20. Really want someone to confirm the volume has been boosted unlike the 2-Album Packs from years ago before taking the plunge.
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