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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VoR, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. I'm no audiophile (think all my years of clubbing have deafened me) but it sounds a great set to me, nicely remastered and none of the dreaded vinyl rips.
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  2. One of the best re issues all round from last year too in my view!!
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  3. The Kim Wilde 5 disc Pop Don't Stop and Sheena's singles collection were my favourite reissues of last year.
  4. Plus the Debbie Gibson 80s albums sets-for me anyway!!
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  5. How could I forget dear old Debbie?! Those were worth the price of admission for the bonus DVDs which not enough acts do these days. Obviously Kim had the amazing DVDs with all her videos but I always wished Sheena had got the same.
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  6. Cherry Red, sure done good in 2021 for sure.
  7. I wonder what delights they have in store for us this year? My most wanted are Tiffany and Paula Abdul reissues.
  8. They’ve come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years.

    I wish they were doing Olivia’s reissues instead of tossy old Primary Wave!
  9. Hopefully Primary Wave make a better job of the rest rather than the hash they made of Physical. I'm still reeling from that screech at the end of the DVD!
  10. Still think it's a slight shame no re issues appear to be happening for Sheena's MCA years. Hey ho.
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  11. I agree. The previous reissue really gave me everything I need for A Private Heaven, but I would jump at a Lover in Me reissue.
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  12. You can still get a Cherry Pop reissue of The Lover In Me but the bonus tracks could be better

    The Lover In Me - Cherry Red Records

    I would love a reissue of What Comes Naturally as the title track is my favourite Sheena song and I'd love all the remixes of it.
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  13. Pfft, I forgot they'd done The Lover in Me. Obviously, I wasn't impressed. Considering there were about ten thousand remixes for it (when will Janet), it needs a much more thorough reissue.
  14. It definitely could benefit from an expanded reissue, preferably with bonus DVD. Sheena looked incredible that era. I'd love this reissued on vinyl just to frame

  15. I may get this deluxe. Will wait for some feedback on the sound, possible faults etc. Just like with ONJ!
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  16. Electric Youth is down to £16 at the moment. Qiuite tempted but (a) the DVD quality isn't supposed to be very good, and (b) I'm not a great fan of the album compared to the debut.
  17. I managed to get a vinyl copy for £1 from a flea market about 15 years ago!

    Never saw a vinyl copy of What Comes Naturally though.
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  18. I remember even here in Canada, the Cherry Pop reissue of The Lover in Me would just sit in the Sheena slot at HMV. It's just not a very exciting reissue. I guess it was because it came out in the earlier days of Cherry Pop reissues. It really deserves a 2-CD reissue. It was a significant album in her career. Notwithstanding her duet with Prince, The Lover in Me was her first major hit in a few years. Plus it was a big hit on the R&B and dance charts.

    I bought the cassette last year and even the cassette itself sounded terrific.
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  19. I don’t think there was any attempt at remastering on the Cherry Pop release either. They were very hit and miss in those days.
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  20. When I got into reissues, I remember the Thompson Twins reissues were some of the first ones I purchased - in particular, they were some of the first two-disc reissues that I bought. I remember there were a lot of issues regarding vinyl rips. I know those were by Demon/Edsel but it was still under the Cherry tree.

    I do think Cherry Pop has improved, though I still wait for reviews before purchasing.
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