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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VoR, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. The Lover In Me and What Comes Naturally are two of my favorite Sheena albums, along with A Private Heaven. Of course I wish they would be included in this upcoming campaign for consistency sake, but I ended up grabbing the lame Cherry Red reissue of Lover and the Japanese edition of Naturally in the last year just because I wanted to play them as I pleased (on my CD player).

    Do You and A Private Heaven are the only two from her first label I really enjoy, though I've only heard a couple tracks each from Best Kept Secret and No Sound But a Heart. The first three albums are very drab, with some gems tucked away.
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  2. As much as I adore The Lover In Me, I would argue that most of the single remixes from the album are commercially available and relatively easy to find. Meanwhile, the best mixes of What Comes Naturally and You Can Swing It (edits) can only be found on promo cds. I really hope MCA will change their stance on physical reissues soon.
  3. Give it a go if you can, I felt it couldn't compare to the debut-but ended up feeling the other way around by the end.
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  4. If anyone wants a (badly filmed) look at the new A Private Heaven deluxe, I found this on YouTube

  5. Is A Private Heaven out today? I always lose track of my Cherry Pop pre-orders...
  6. Yes. My copy from Amazon should arrive today. Looks quite a nice edition, doesn’t it?
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  7. It does indeed. I ordered direct from Cherry Red who are normally good at getting CDs to you on release day so fingers crossed!
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  8. It takes me back to the Dollar boxset!

    Hope we both get our copies today.
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  9. Hopefully I won't have a repeat of the Dollar boxset fiasco!

    Is A Private Heaven generally considered one of Sheena's strongest albums?
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  10. Jam


    My order from Cherry Red arrived this morning.
    Although it now gets to sit on the side unwrapped whilst I am at work.
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  11. I’d say so. It was certainly her biggest selling US album.

    I think Strut, Sugar Walls and Swear are typical of it. Double Standard and Hungry Eyes are good too.
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  12. I’m at the mercy of Amazon Prime. As it’s a release I’m really looking forward to, I’m guessing they will cock it up somehow.
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  13. Yes definitely. I think it's my favorite, although Lover In Me and What Comes Naturally are close.
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  14. Got home to find Sheena waiting for me (not literally, the CD I mean). Good old Cherry Red!

    Did you get yours @Tommy Johnson?
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  15. Down to £13 now. I may pull the trigger.
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  16. The budgie on the shoulder!

    Nice t-shirt.
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  17. Yes, it came this afternoon.
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  18. Hope those who got the A Private Heaven re issue are enjoying it!
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