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Sheryl Crow General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. That’s actually pretty good
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  2. Stevie’s ad libs in those last 40 seconds are everything
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  3. I'm quietly enjoying these tracks. I'm overally excited for the album but I think it will be pretty fun listening through. Though I don't think I've seen any official release date yet?
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  4. Apparently 30th August is the album release date

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  6. Madame X is a Sheryl Crow stan.
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  7. What is the point of having so many guests on the same show? They'll barely be able to say the name of whatever they're plugging before the show is finished.
  8. Sheryl nailed her Glastonbury set. Great setlist and she really interacted well with the audience. Pro!
  9. I need to see her live.
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  10. I'm enjoying the album more than I thought I would. Taken as a whole, it's nice to hear the different styles and artists. Keeps it interesting.

    The Emmylou duet is gorgeous. Also loving "Story Of Everything" and "Beware of Darkness".
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  11. Oh, I must confess to being a little disappointed. 17 track was too many songs and there's definitely a lot of filler here. Stuff like Cross Creek Road, Everything Is Broken, The Worst and Border Lord just seem to meander along, never really going anywhere.

    01. Tell Me When It's Over
    02. Prove You Wrong
    03. Live Wire
    04. Story of Everything
    05. Wouldn't Want to Be Like You
    06. Lonely Alone
    07. Still the Good Old Days
    08. Don't
    09. Nobody's Perfect
    10. Flying Blind
    11. Beware of Darkness
    12.For the Sake of Love

    The above would have made for a strong track-listing and solid record.

    For the Sake of Love is a definite highlight.
  12. I'm just getting round to listening to this, it's nice and definitely a masterclass in country/rock music from all involved which you would expect from some of the names featured. But just because it's well crafted doesn't mean it's a good album. There's certainly a lot of forgettable and uninspired tracks I could do without even though they're decently produced.
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  13. THIS is how she should have rerecorded "Redemption Day" fuck Johnny Cash honestly.

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