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Sheryl Crow General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Sheryl sounds amazing. I like this alternative version but I don't mind Johnny on the album version either to be honest.

    Overall though, I don't mind myself listening to this album much.
  2. I actually only picked this up yesterday. It's long but I really like it. It's a shame this is her last as some of the more contemporary collaborations demonstrate she can still command a tune.
  3. I'm still 'iffy' about that whole "this is going to be my last album" shtick.

    From her interviews, I gather that she sees the album as a dying art form however, with no disrespect to her, I think it's more to do with her own decline in sales/popularity over the years. Other artists out there are selling albums and having great success. It's easy to say that the reason you aren't is because people are not purchasing full albums any longer but that just isn't the case.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Sheryl continues to tour and throw out one-off singles now and again for a few years before eventually returning to record a full album, allowing for some headlines about how it's "her first full album in 10 years" or whatever.

    I don't think someone with her passion and craft could just stop songwriting altogether.
  4. Ok wait at this being one of her best songs in a while? I think I like this more than anything from Threads. The lyrics and melody sound like classic Sheryl.

  5. Definitely I like the more upbeat rock sound of it. It reminds me of the 90’s Sheryl I loved. Not into her country tinged stuff.
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  6. Love the new single.
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  7. I haven’t listened to the new single yet but as this is the general discussion I wanted to see if y’all had recommendations on getting into her discography. I would already consider myself a Sheryl stan as I adore the self titled and still get a a lot of mileage out of Tuesday Night Music Club and C’Mon C’Mon. I’m planning on listening to The Globe Sessions next but I wanted to see if the others were worth it? Is there a point where her albums take a dip or should I just listen to everything?
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  8. The full music video for "In The End":

  9. Her classic era covered on 2003's 'The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow' is comprised of four albums: 'Tuesday Night Music Club' (1993), 'Sheryl Crow' (1996), 'The Globe Sessions' (1998) and 'C'mon C'mon' (2002). You mentioned liking records #1 and #4, so I would recommend making the middle two a double feature if you've never heard them in full before. They're excellent.
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  10. I fucking love Sheryl Crow. My Favorite Mistake is one of the greatest songs of ALL time.
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  11. The Globe Sessions is definitely the next best step if you like the ones you mentioned. I oscillate between calling it and the self-titled her best work. Riverwide, The Difficult Kind, Anything But Down, of course My Favorite Mistake. Crash and Burn!? Mississippi? It's a perfect album.

    You should absolutely dive deeper into her back catalogue. I think all of he 90s fans should if you haven't taken time with Wildflower, Detours, and Be Myself.

    Detours is strikingly personal and reconnects her with some of what made her 90s albums so solid. It reunited her with the Tuesday Night Music Club producers and players. The track is sweet and reflective, Diamond Ring is a scathing takedown of Lance Armstrong, Make It Go Away addresses her breast cancer in a raw way, she sings a song to her son. Love Is Free was the first single and it's kind of a bop.

    Be Myself, the album that proceeded the latest duets record, has some of her catchiest songs in a while. Rollerskate, Alone In The Dark, and my favorite Heartbeat Away. She sounds incredible on it, and she wrote it *before* you know who became president.

    I'd end with Wildflower if you treat these as a trio. It actually has one of my all-time favorite Sheryl songs, Chances Are, which was a b-side from the C'mon C'mon era. She reproduces it just slightly but otherwise keeps it intact. It has such a gorgeous atmosphere. I also love Perfect Lie, I Know Why, and Good Is Good.

    That really only leaves 100 Miles From Memphis, her take on Memphis soul, and Feels Like Home, her take on top 40 country. The latter contains Easy, which I kinda still love, but otherwise I don't revisit either of those often. Sheryl's a vers queen and I at least appreciate them.
  12. EDIT! - I can read, but just noticed I overlooked you'd mentioned the self titled sophomore effort already, so I'm an idiot and 'The Globe Sessions' is fabulous and you should definitely listen to it.

    For further listening I would continue beyond 'C'mon C'mon' in order. Her 5th album 'Wildflower' is a solid favourite of mine but seems to be more divisive among other listeners based on reviews. Her post-cancer reunion with 'Tuesday Night Music Club' co-producer Bill Bottrell for her 6th album 'Detours' was given an overall more positive reception.
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  13. This is a great summary and I can co-sign this alternate order too.

    "Chances Are" is my favourite Sheryl Crow song ever. Fell in love the day the "Soak Up The Sun" single was released in 2002 and, let's be real, anything she and Jeff Trott write together is worthwhile.

    Tangent, but I was galled that it didn't make the 'C'mon C'mon' album, then was considered for but ultimately left off of her 2003 'Very Best Of'. Finally, David Campbell (Beck's dad!) added additional orchestration to what is otherwise the same recording for the 'Wildflower' album 3 years later and all was right in the world.

    And I suppose this is as good a place as any to remind that she has about 500 excellent non-album tracks found on hundreds of singles, tribute albums, soundtracks...she's worthy of a deluxe multi-disc b-sides set but, in the meantime, the 2009 Deluxe Edition of 'Tuesday Night Music Club' is an excellent starting point with a second disc that functions almost as a bonus album between 'TNMC' and 'Sheryl Crow'.
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  14. I'd say anyone new to Sheryl Crow shoud start with her self-titled album but if you're already familiar with it then absolutely follow on to the amazing 3rd album - The Globe Sessions. I waver between this and her self-titled as my favourite Crow album.

    I would also say she has really strong records in Wildflower and even her country album.

    For me, I struggled to really get into Detours and her albums since but they all have highlights. But just don't work as full bodies of work for me.
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  15. Ugh. I wish this was the start of a new 'era' and we could forget Threads happened and the whole ''I'll never release another album'' mess.
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  16. Echo what most people here have said, she’s great. Went to see her at Wembley Arena in 2004 (with Natasha Bedingfield opening!) and it was basically the first concert I ever went to. The next time I saw her in 2005 she sung Tomorrow Never Dies live for the first time, accompanied by a string section, low-key super memorable gig for that reason lol.

    Self-titled and The Globe Sessions are two of the best records of the 90s a stunning one-two punch. Both masterpieces. I hope vinyl reissues happen one day.

    I really enjoyed Be Myself, think it’s my favourite record of hers since the 90s. C’mon, C’mon, Detours and Wildflower all have songs to recommend. Her foray into more obvious country - Feels Like Home - is a lot more successful than the soul one - 100 Miles from Memphis - which lots of people consider her worst. I actually really couldnt get into her final(?) / duets album Threads. An impressive array of guests but lots of the songs and a few of the performances I found really grating and... basic.
  17. She has pulled the video for “In The End” saying:

    I cannot stand by the "In The End" video in its entirety, therefore I am pulling it down. The point is, if every decision was made from a place of compassion, in politics, in business, and in all aspects of life, the world would be a much different place.
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  18. It's a shame if she has pulled In The End - its one of the best video's of the year so far, and scathingly true. The song itself is quite brilliant as well... Sheryl Crow is one of those artists who is thankfully not afraid to show her political teeth when she wants to and it plays wonderfully well on In The End.
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  19. I honestly keep trying to get back into her but literally nothing has done anything for me since Detours. The new song included, I feel she well and truly lost it for me which is heartbreaking.
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