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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Sheryl Crow confirmed her upcoming duets album will be out in 2019. The confirmed list of collaborators so far includes:
    • St. Vincent
    • Keith Richards
    • Neil Young
    • Willie Nelson
    • Don Henley
    • Stevie Nicks
    • Emmylou Haris
    • Sting
    • James Taylor
    • Joe Walsh
    +more to be announced

    In an interview, this song was announced as the new single from it. "Wouldn't Wanna Be Like You" is a duet with St. Vincent. I imagine it'll hit streaming soon, but here's a radio rip:

    More surprisingly, Sheryl says this will be her last album. She can't imagine following this up with anything because this is such a "big" record. It's also a response to the way people consume albums these days. I'd be... surprised if this were the case, but it's interesting to hear her talk like this.
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  2. I like Sheryl but the collaborators list seems so predictable, don’t really think this album will be as big as she thinks..
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  3. N(n)(n) not political Sheryl again. “Gasoline” was a bop, though.
  4. Despite working with people like Michael Jackson, Kid Rock and The Corrs, Sheryl has always had an older head on her shoulders. With the exception of St Vincent, the MOJO-esque list of duets isn't much of a surprise.
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  5. Duet albums, live albums, demo albums, cover albums, just no.
  6. I used to be such a massive fan but I didn’t like either of her last 2 records at all. I don’t think I’m a fan anymore.

    Last time this happened to me was with Jewel but she came back with Picking Up The Pieces so there’s still hope in the long run I guess.
  7. Why do I get Spice Girls vibes from the St Vincent song?
  8. St. Vincent appearing on a duets album feels weirdly...alien to me after the masterpiece that was Masseduction but it’s good. I’ve missed Sheryl’s voice, it’s a shame this may be her last album.
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  9. She performed the song live last night and it sounded pretty great. I'd be surprised if this really was her last album.
  10. This is kinda sad as I really really liked Be Myself. Oh well.

    The track with St Vincent is great.
  11. Well good for her! Hope they give her the support she deserves.

    Also, surely this means vinyl issues!
  12. She may not have hit the heights of self titled / Globe Sessions again but I kinda think her last one was her best and most consistent album since the 90s, quite easily. Surprising if she doesn’t want to do anymore albums, it’s not like she’s still chasing single hits.
  13. Her country album was actually pretty decent too. I think she lost her way a little with Detours and 100 Miles from Memphis (which I really did not care for).

    The run from Tuesday Night Music Club - Wildflower is pretty great though, even if Wildflower had a few clunkers, it's still a solid 7.5/10 album for me.

    I'm interested in the duets album but it doesn't really excite me. Whether it truly is her last album is quesitonable... She may have only blurted that out once and then every article runs with it as fact.
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  14. Naming the third album Globe Sessions was such a weird move. It made it sound like a live album of session singers jamming when it was a perfect album with My Fav Mistake and Anything But Down being Sheryl Top 5 songs.
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  15. One of my favourite albums ever! The self-titled album isn’t far behind.
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  16. 'I'd like to watch the sun come up
    in a stranger's arms'

    I was such a stan during Sheryl Crow.
    She had the bops and the lewks.




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  17. Has there ever been an rumours of SC and TGS coming out on vinyl? Would love to get those two.
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  18. She's mentioned vinyl a few times in interviews and fans have said she told them they're coming... but I bet it was all up in the air while she figured out her next record deal. I'm confident it'll happen eventually.
  19. My Favourite Mistake is a stunning song. Although the album didn't live up to her self-titled for me (my 16 year old self wore out the CD) and I agree that title was, well...a mistake.

    I haven't listened to anything she's done since C'mon C'mon, it just felt like she got stuck in a rut at that point.
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