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Sheryl Crow

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. I quite like Kelly's method of interview. It's so informal and like two friends having a natter. Sure, sometimes it gets a bit much and some structure would be nice but Kelly oozes so much warmth and charm and I like it.
    I can't believe her son is old enough to drive, I feel so old.
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  2. Sheryl looks incredible - how is she 60?!
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  3. Sheryl has a few underrated albums (Wildflower, hello) and I agree that her country record was also full of brilliant tracks. Be Myself was definitely the point where you could tell Sheryl was starting to feel like ''why do I even bother?''
  4. You all should read this article from The Line of Best Fit. It's a perfect companion piece to the documentary and touches on parts she left out, some really great quotes about her views on the world today, and - this is news to me - reveals her masters were not lost in the Universal Fire! Not sure if I just missed it or what but she talks about looking into material that didn't make The Globe Sessions for its anniversary (also her favorite album).
  5. Oh wow, that's very exciting then!
  6. Ohh, what a great interview. Thanks for posting the link!

    Overjoyed to read about her masters not being destroyed and that she’s seriously considering a Globe Sessions anniversary release too. Surely at the very least it’ll finally be released on vinyl?
  7. She’s very endearing and I can’t wait to see the documentary:
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  8. I asked Jeff Trott on Instagram if we’ll ever see The Globe Sessions on vinyl and he replied: “I’d love that, but it’s up to Sheryl”.

    What is she waiting for?
  9. If she has the masters *and* it's her favorite album, the best I can think of is she's waiting to give it a proper moment. With Be Myself, Threads, the documentary - she's been kind of tied up with new projects for a while. I could see her doing tours of past albums too. That, or she's planning on releasing a chunk of her catalogue on vinyl all at once.
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  10. Thanks for this! Wonderful news about the masters. Does anyone know where I can watch the documentary if I’m outside the US?
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  11. Ok wait this is great!

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  12. The Globe Sessions turns 25 next year, right? Perhaps we will get a re-issue/vinyl and tour then?
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  13. Yes to any reissues or UK tour dates.

    Circles is such a good song choice her. It was on in the background and at first I thought it was a current artist.

    I get that Americana is her thing but sometimes I wonder what she would sound like if she worked with an electronic producer to switch things up a bit. Mixing electronica and guitars could be really cool and worked brilliantly for Alanis on Flavors Of Entanglement.
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  14. Yes next year would be the perfect chance for the 25th anniversary.
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  15. Circles is fantastic. It’s a cover of Post Malone.
    But apparently the Post Malone fans are offended and think she’s ruined his song. I have never followed him too closely. The only song I know by him is Better Now.
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  16. It's a shame she's still adamant about not recording any more albums.
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  17. Shall we have a quick album ranking?

    I think, as of now, my best to worst goes something like:

    Sheryl Crow / The Globe Sessions
    Tuesday Night Music Club / Wildflower / Detours
    C'mon, C'mon
    Be Myself / Feels Like Home
    100 Miles from Memphis
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  18. Globe Sessions
    Sheryl Crow

    Be Myself (I think this was a great album and super underrated by fans, *shrug*)
    Tuesday Night Music Club (might be sacrilegious but I find this a bit patchy and the vocals mediocre, even if it has some incredible highs and a great vibe)
    C'mon, C'mon
    Wildflower (though shout out to the fact I saw her in London on this tour, in which she a) had a wind machine, b) a string section, and c) sang Tomorrow Never Dies live for the first time ever)
    Feels like Home

    100 Miles.
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  19. The Globe Sessions
    Sheryl Crow
    C'mon C'mon
    Tuesday Night Music Club
    Be Myself
    Feels Like Home
    100 Miles From Memphis
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  20. Wildflower and Detours are both super underrated in my opinion. I used to rate C'mon, Cmon higher but listening back recently it's a little patchy with some filler.
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