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Sheryl Crow

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Co-signed! As are If It Makes You Happy and I Shall Believe.
  2. Did you not like the country album?
  3. Wait, why is the video gone? I can't find her statement anywhere...
  4. It’s on her Facebook. She said she didn’t want to be part of a campaign of hate.
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  5. It's all about Wildflower for me. I feel like you get some country and pop moments.
  6. I love Wildflower but sometimes it feels a little too produced.
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  7. Oooh, count me in! Her last streamed shows were wonderful!
  8. Yep. From C’mon C’mon onwards, the albums felt much too slick and overproduced. The first 3 are still the greatest for me. Much more gritty and dark. She doesn’t make bad albums, but those first three are my favourites by far.
  9. So curious what the set will be!
  10. Agreed, although Threads was pretty boring.
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  11. I actually ended up loving most of Threads. I thought I’d hate it, but loved it!
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  12. It's such a pity that the masters for Sheryl Crow and The Globe Sessions were apparently lost in the Universal fire. I imagine that's why we haven't gotten reissues or vinyl editions. But damn, both of those albums are flawless and two of my all-time favorites.
  13. Same here. Pretty much flawless.
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  14. I think about this way too often. It haunts me. Two of my favorite albums of all time. They could at least do a digital pressing?
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  15. Just bought a ticket for this event - excited for an evening with Sheryl and her gorgeous songs, she will always be one of my favourite artists.
  16. I'll be interested to hear the stories behind the songs too.
  17. She's releasing a live album - Live At The Ryman And More out August 13th.

    Tracklist is actually fantastic, and contains so many favorites and the best of the last album. It also means soundboard recordings of the incredible harmonies from Lucius!

    Everyday is a Winding Road is out now. She sounds great, and the show I saw from this tour was definitely the best I'd seen her.

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  18. Oh that's exciting. I usually love her live tours. Do we know a tracklisting then?

  19. She hasn't done this one in forever! At the top she mentioned wanting to do a full concert of The Globe Sessions. I would die. Still my 2nd favorite album of hers behind the self-titled.
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