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Sheryl Crow

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Oh, I forgot the live stream was coming soon! Yay.
  2. It Don't Hurt is so brilliant. I'm gonna have to listen to this album now.

    Love the ending "I'm about to pass out."
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  3. The Songs and the Stories is tonight! Who got a a ticket??
  4. She is sounding SO good. I hope someone manages to record this as I'd love to watch it again. All the little stories behind the tracks are wonderful too.
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  5. I’ve just finished watching The Songs & Stories livestream and what a complete joy that was - her musicianship, her voice! She’s never sounded better. All the stories between songs were superb too. She mentioned wanting to do a full show around The Globe Sessions, which would be a dream (can’t believe she performed Riverwide on this, one of my fave songs of hers). She also mentioned she’s working with a network on a documentary about her life & career - can’t wait for that!

    Setlist from the stream below if anyone is interested:
    1. Run Baby Run
    2. Everyday Is A Winding Road
    3. Leaving Las Vegas
    4. Strong Enough
    5. God Bless This Mess
    6. Shine Over Babylon
    7. It Don’t Hurt
    8. Riverwide
    9. Crazy Ain’t Original
    10. My Favourite Mistake
    11. All I Wanna Do
    12. The Na-Na Song
    13. Story of Everything
    14. Crash and Burn
    15. If It Makes You Happy
    16. Redemption Day
    17. I Shall Believe
  6. I just watched it too. Still on a high from it! Loved how the setlist was so heavy on those first three records. Crash & Burn almost destroyed me.
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  7. Yes!! What a song! Love how she pulled out these absolute gems from The Globe Sessions.
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  8. And the gospel version of I Shall Believe was sooo good. Her voice is so flawless still! Bit irritating to once again hear her say she won’t ever make another album. She really, really has a bee in her bonnet about that, but obviously have to respect her decision.
  9. Loved hearing some of these songs and, yes, her voice is sounding better than ever!

    What a joy to hear It Don't Hurt and Riverwide (two of my absolute favourites) and then cuts like Shine Over Babylon and God Bless This Mess from the Detours record, which she rarely revisits.

    I think for as long as streaming is the most dominant way of how people obtain music she'll refuse to make another album and I suppose it makes sense. Maybe if in the future that changes she'll reconsider.

    I didn't really gel with Threads so I'd rather just enjoy her great albums that proceeded it, especially as I think she is more interested in writing worldly or political type songs more recently and those can get lost on me as they seem a little too preachy.
  10. I don't know why I hesitated getting a ticket to the live stream. I wish I would have because that set is packed with favorites.
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  11. Still desperate for self-titled and The Globe Sessions to be issued on vinyl - I don't care if they have to pull from a digital source.
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  12. This turned out better than I expected. The mixing is actually really dynamic for a live album, and they've captured some of her best vocal performances in a while. I was at the Ace Theater shows where Lucius joined her for Strong Enough and Run Baby Run and the recordings sound just as magical.
  13. I wish there weren't quite so many guests on it, but it's a fantastic live album nevertheless. She's such a legend.
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  14. When exactly was this recorded?
  15. How did I not know Sheryl was in Cougar Town and was actually good! Often those guest appearances are a bit cringe but she seemed like she could really act.
  16. I’m sorry but Diamond Ring is a career highlight from Detours. I stan. The absolute almost demented energy of longing and affirmation. She made several points.

    I’m revisiting her discography and Wildflower was my least listened to album by her and today putting it on, I’m actually kinda loving it? I guess I didn’t really like it bar some songs and that album confirmed to me that she totally sold out.

    The lyrics to I Know Why always breaks me:

    I know why the heart gets lonely
    Every time you give your love away
    And if you think that you are only
    A shadow in the wind
    Rolling round but when you go and let somebody in
    They might fade away

    One of my biggest regret was not seeing her live ever. I hope we cross paths and I get to see her on a tour.
  17. Yes! Diamond Ring felt like such a release for her after everything she went through.

    Agree that Wildflower took some getting used to because of its melancholy but it’s actually really solid. I revisit some more than others but I Know Why, Chances Are, Perfect Lie, and Good Is Good are all worth it.
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