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Sheryl Crow

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Don’t forget this gem too:

    This lyrics about an ex. Weeping and so relatable. The lyrics on this album were all very simple but effective.

    We can live lifetimes in a single day
    No matter what you do, I love you anyway
    You say if you're lost inside, well I get lonely too
    Even in the worst of times, I give my best to you
  2. Wildflower was odd because leading up to that there were all these rumours that it would be her 'country album' and obviously it wasn't, so I think there was an expectation of what this album would be that wasn't met (for better or for worse). I also think it's one of her most 'slickest' produced albums and actually she sounds a lot better when it's a little more raw/rough around the edges.

    With that said, I've always really enjoyed it and think it's very strong throughout.

    Detours was always the one for me that I couldn't latch onto. I did listen to it fairly recently though and enjoyed it a lot more. It did feel like an attempt to recapture the magic of her first 2-3 albums.

    Back to Wildflower, the live performance of Letter to God is brilliant and probably should have been a single.

  3. I need to see this legenderic queen live, too. The first two albums were my bible when I was a gayby.
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  4. I don't know Sheryl's albums too well, but I feel like I remember her saying back in 2005 that she was working on two albums: one would be more radio-friendly and what the general public wanted from her, and one would be the heavier, "artier" album. Let me see if I can source that.

    Got it.
  5. I don’t know about this, but there is also the shelved album she recorded before Tuesday Night Music Club too.
  6. I didn’t know she had shelved albums. Eurgh, I want to hear all of them. I also just read that her masters were destroyed in the fire. That’s so sad we will never get to hear remastered versions and demos or rarities her earlier albums had.
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  7. Essentially, that album became Wildflower.

    Prior to that, there had also been rumours that she was releasing a full-on country album. Lots of mixed messaging was going around at that time. Then when Wildflower came out I recall many fans being a bit bewildered because it was basically just another Sheryl Crow record. It wasn't super deep or artistic or country.

    So I don't doubt that anything more artistic or leaning away from her usual sound was dismissed by the label at that time.

    Happily, she got to make her country record a few years later. I'm sure she has lots of material in the vaults that never saw the light of day. Considering she doesn't want to release new albums any longer I wonder if she'll consider releasing compilations of unreleased music instead?
  8. The country album, the Memphis album and the latest duets album are the only albums I have yet to check out from her discography. I’m a flop fan.
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  9. 99% of the time artists mention a lost album it became what they actually released with a few tweaks and 2-3 songs replaced.
  10. Is there a reason she does not want to release new music again?
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  11. The country record is definitely worth a listen. The Memphis one and the duets one are hit and miss in my opinion.
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  12. I think her last few albums just haven't sold much and with streaming etc. she makes more money from touring these days.
  13. That’s true of every artist though and they don’t stop releasing new albums.
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  14. I'm diving into Sheryl's discography this evening and yeah, self-titled and The Globe Sessions are both perfect albums.

    I think I'm gonna listen to all of her albums and see what I like.
  15. Ya know what, it's been a while. Time for a ranking:

    1. Sheryl Crow
    2. The Globe Sessions
    3. Tuesday Night Music Club
    4. C'mon C'mon
    5. Detours
    6. Wildflower
    7. Be Myself
    8. Threads
    9. Feels Like Home
    10. 100 Miles From Memphis
  16. I haven't even checked out her last few albums just because I think a lot of her newer stuff is a little too 'on the nose' for me, but...

    1. Sheryl Crow
    2. Tuesday Night Music Club
    3. The Globe Sessions
    4. Wildflower
    5. C'mon C'mon
    6. Feels Like Home
    7. Detours
    8. 100 Miles From Memphis
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  17. Highly recommend listening to Be Myself! I think it has some great latter-day songs. Threads is ambitious and has its moments but the impact is diluted because of how many duets there are.

    My favs from Be Myself and Threads:

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  18. This ranking is CORRECT except for 8-10 which I haven’t heard so can’t comment but I’d rate 1-7 the same as you.
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    1. The Globe Sessions
    2. Sheryl Crow
    3. Tuesday Night Music Club
    4. Wildflower
    5. C'mon C'mon
    6. Detours
    7. 100 Miles From Memphis
    8. Be Myself
    9. Sheryl Crow [unreleased 1992 album]
    10. Threads
    11. Feels Like Home
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