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Sheryl Crow

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Thank you! I definitely owe Sheryl better than I've given her over the past few years, and I trust your taste, so I'll check out your picks.

    I'm still kicking myself for not getting Tuesday Night Music Club on vinyl when it was reissued. And I would pay big bucks for self-titled and Globe Sessions on vinyl, too.
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  2. Someone get me on the train for 9? I didn’t know it l*aked?
  3. Crash and Burn is getting me in my feelings. What a stunning song.
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  4. Ugh, The Globe Sessions is so fucking good. I hope she celebrates its legacy at some point. Surely a digital expanded edition is possible even with the masters being lost. She covers so much musical ground and there’s this beautiful sophistication to it that her separates it from the previous albums. The range from something as classic as My Favorite Mistake to an anthem like There Goes The Neighborhood to the strings of Riverwide - and that’s just the first three songs. Taking it all for the truly heart wrenching Crash and Burn - oof.
  5. I listened to it a couple of times last night and the whole album is pretty damn fantastic!! I can only agree with everything you’ve said, even though I’m still new to the album. Her voice and songwriting is really something special.

    Was it a successful album commercially? And how is it fared among fans overall?
    1. Sheryl Crow
    2. The Globe Sessions
    3. Tuesday Night Music Club
    4. Wildflower
    5. C'mon C'mon
    6. Detours
    7. Be Myself
    8. Feels Like Home
    9. Threads
    10. 100 Miles From Memphis
  6. They did The Globe Sessions dirty by naming that, pretty sure people just thought it was a demos / outtakes / live project and not a proper album when in reality it houses two of my Top 5 Sheryl singles.
  7. Yes, that was a bad title. I enjoy that album, but her masterpiece is the self-titled which is totally skip-free.

    I can't believe she's 60 on Friday as well - she looks amazing!
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  8. Her first three albums are all *chef's kiss*.
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  9. Wildflower is a stunning album.
  10. I'm pretty sure it was originally going to titled Riverwide but was changed for some reason or other.
  11. Tuesday Night Music Club is a flawless album. Big thanks to Roswell a few years ago for making me wanna listen to the thing!
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  12. This is old but don’t think I’d ever seen it before. Worth a watch for a deep dive on her first three albums.

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  13. Yeah, I know that album was very successful, but I don't think it gets enough love. It's truly top notch from beginning to end. Those first three albums are genuinely sublime.
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  14. Weather Channel, The Book, Ordinary Morning, Crash & Burn - I love it when she goes dark and moody.

    I wish we had an album of these kind of songs.
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  15. I wish I could watch her 'The Songs & The Stories' stream again from last year. It was so good hearing her talking about the songs.
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  16. Sheryl was always someone where I bought CD singles. There are so many bonus original songs and covers across her catalogue. Sad Sad World a fine example.
  17. The live versions of the songs she did included in the singles were all very good too. She changes things up a lot for the live versions. I had all the singles from the iconic Sheryl Crow album.
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