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Sheryl Crow

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. This remains one of my favourite performances of all time:
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  2. This looks fucking great.

  3. Ohhh! Cannot wait to see that!
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  4. Apparently there’s a new hits album coming too, with 3 new songs!
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  5. Ooh where did you read this? Assuming it'll be out the same day as the doc... and hoping for some remasters.
  6. It's actually been on her website 'News' page since the announcement of the documentary on February 2nd, but I hadn't noticed:

    A career spanning album package including her classic hits and several new tracks will accompany the film, released via Big Machine Label Group, in cooperation with Universal Music Group. “Sheryl” will be available for viewing on Showtime later this year.
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  7. Oh yes! The doc looks great and I can’t wait! A perfect excuse to dive into her discography again.

    There’s a CD listed on Amazon for the new best of, but no date of release as it’s «currently unavailable».


    Disc 1
    1. If It Makes You Happy
    2. Leaving Las Vegas
    3. All I Wanna Do
    4. What Can I Do For You
    5. Run, Baby, Run
    6. Hard To Make A Stand
    7. Sweet Rosalyn
    8. A Change Would Do You Good
    9. Home
    10. Love Is A Good Thing
    11. Strong Enough
    12. Can't Cry Anymore
    13. Everyday Is A Winding Road
    14. Redemption Day
    15. The Difficult Kind (Live with Sarah McLachlan)
    16. I Shall Believe
    17. Real Gone (Live)

    Disc 2
    1. My Favorite Mistake
    2. Riverwide
    3. Crash And Burn
    4. Steve McQueen
    5. Soak Up The Sun
    6. Out Of Our Heads
    7. Detours
    8. Be Myself
    9. Prove You Wrong (feat. Stevie Nicks & Maren Morris)
    10. Tell Me When It's Over (feat. Chris Stapleton)
    11. Beware of Darkness (feat. Brandi Carlile, Eric Clapton, and Sting)
    12. The Worst (feat. Keith Richards)
    13. Story of Everything (feat. Gary Clark Jr., Chuck D, Andra Day)
    14. Everything Is Broken (Live with Jason Isbell at The Ryman)
    15. Redemption Day (with Johnny Cash)
    16. Forever
    17. Still The Same
    18. Live With Me
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  8. Damn, that's a pretty incredible tracklist. They really covered some of the best deep cuts alongside the singles
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  9. 7 songs from Threads, seriously? I mean, I don’t like that album anyway, but that makes it more represented than any other…
  10. The CD will be released on may 6!
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  11. Kinda mad her cover of The First Cut Is The Deepest isn’t on it but yeah pretty great track list for the most part, disc 1 especially! Hope we get something on vinyl, a 3 disc greatest hits would be great until they eventually press her discography!
  12. There's 7 from Tuesday Night Music Club and 8 from her self-titled.
  13. It's missing the best Bond theme of the 90s though.
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  14. Ok, I stand corrected. But still, it doesn’t deserve that by any stretch
  15. Excited to hear the new recordings and see the documentary!
  16. I actually get it in the context of this being a soundtrack for the documentary. She has had such a collaborative career and worked with basically everybody in rock music. Redemption Day is still a self-titled cut and I get featuring the Johnny Cash version. Plus, she *did* feature the best songs from Threads.
  17. I realise I’m in the minority but I actually love Threads (but agree it’s over represented here over many actual singles).
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  18. I absolutely love Threads too. Full of really fantastic songs. I genuinely thought it was her best in many, many years.
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  19. upload_2022-3-24_10-18-52.png

    "Forever" from the documentary soundtrack out tomorrow.
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