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She's Marina, We're The Diamonds, And That Was The Rate [Finalized]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Boy, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. This was a fun rate to do, but of course.

    Marina has always been was those artists that teeters on the of line love/pop obsession in my world. Right when I feel ready to fully commit to standom, there's just a little something in a recent album/release that keeps me from going all in. My scores & commentary suss that out pretty well.

    Having just submitted, my general final album scores line up pretty much with how I would grade her albums

    The Family Jewels: 9.0 | A-
    Electra Heart: 8.8 | B+
    Froot: 9.25 | A (really one song brings this album's score down significantly)
    Love + Fear: 8.6 | B
  2. I didn't even start yet, and there less than a week left.
    At least I'm familiar with all of the songs here, but will give them all at least one listen before scoring/commenting.

    I'm expecting to give the highest average score to "Electra Heart", out of her albums.
  3. Ok, I've just sent my scores before I go on holiday. I didn't get time to write any commentary, but I'm looking forward to reading what you lot have to say. This is the first rate I've participated in on Popjustice.
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  4. I felt like I knew my 11 but now my heart is telling me otherwise. Should I keep my potentially Top 5 11 or throw it to a song with a slim chance at Top 20?!
  5. The heart because that is probably your true 11.
  6. I didn't know this was happening?!?!?!?!? I'll send in my scores this weekend.

    Enjoy Your Life FTW!
  7. I just did my first "rough" scores real quick and will give her entire discography another listen to adjust scores and add commentary. As of now her first 3 albums all have an average of 8+ with love + fear still getting a 7.5 average. I guess she can truly paint me any colour and I will be her clown.

  8. Right, I better get on with speed-rating the extras.
  9. My goal is that you'll see my ballot in your inbox tonight.
  10. [​IMG]

    In her own words:

    “This album was definitely liberating for me. Just something as simple as dying my hair was like “I just don’t give a shit,” which at 26 is pretty late [laughs]. But I never had that childhood or that teenagehood to experiment with my identity and just have fun.”


    “It’s quite hard to explain because I think a lot of people will think Electra Heart is an alter ego or something but she’s not, it’s kind of basically a vehicle to portray part of the American dream, with elements of Greek tragedy and that’s all going to be coming out through the visuals. I suppose it’s my view, as someone who’s not American, of the American dream. I’m obsessed with it all. I just love the side of it that’s really vapid and hollow. And that’s kind of what I’ve really explored. The whole album is around that. I want to explore the side that has nothing to do with glamour, and that’s all about loss and failure, and that’s more apparent now with the American economy and stuff like that. But that image, that illusion we have of America really fascinates me.”


    “When you’re heartbroken, you go through different moods: you’re sad and numb and then really angry, and you want to fuck them over. Then you feel ashamed and embarrassed, and then it’s really funny. This record captures those moods and character shapes. “Electra Heart” is not an alter ego, it’s more using the character as a foil to tell my story. As opposed to, “I’m Marina Diamandis – got fucked over. It’s not a break-up record; it’s almost like an anti-break-up record. It discusses love in such a brutal way, tongue-in-cheek and with a dollop of black humour because that’s how I see life. You have to laugh, otherwise you cry!”


    “Electra Heart is the antithesis of everything that I stand for. And the point of introducing her and building a whole concept around her is that she stands for the corrupt side of American ideology, and basically that’s the corruption of yourself. My worst fear — that’s anyone’s worst fear — is losing myself and becoming a vacuous person. And that happens a lot when you’re very ambitious. And that’s why it’s imperative that she’s blonde. I wanted it to be really unnatural. Like, I’ve rejected everything of myself.”


    “Oh, my God, I was so nervous before my first Dr Luke session. I felt like I was going to be sick. Someone asked me the other day, “What was the most fearful moment in your life?” and I said that. He’s so successful. Within ten minutes I was fine, but that’s one of the bravest things I’ve ever done – creatively, anyway. You know, I can’t think of any other indie singer who came from a DIY background in the female world, who has gone down that route. It’s bizarre, but also interesting. So I just went for it and I’m so happy, because if the collaborator is right, they bring out the best in you and you see what your weaknesses and strengths are. My limitation when I’m on my own is that I’m not a particularly talented keyboard player, so they would do the music and I would do the top-line melody and the lyrics. It worked out pretty well.”


    “If you’re in a writing room, the average person wouldn’t realize that you are probably very nervous. You have two producers hovering over your back. It’s fucking terrifying. You’re writing lyrics really quickly, so already, the tone and the feel of the song is completely different to something you may have written on your own, or thought about for a long time. You have to kind of gather those thoughts. For me, I definitely prefer writing alone.”


    “I think if I had been more of a confident person, then I might have fought back. But also to be truthful, at the time, my own songwriting had felt a bit stunted because I had always written on keyboards and written lyrics and melodies simultaneously. Whereas now I don’t do that anymore because Electra Heart taught me a lot of things. When I was co-writing with people, I was much freer and I was doing different things melodically. I was like, “Why is that?” Then I thought, the difference is that like Diplo or Dr. Luke, they’re giving me like instrumentals to write to, so I’m not chained to the keyboard.”


    “OK, this is why I don’t like being a pop star because people assume you don’t know anything and you don’t make your own music. I saw that change as soon as I dyed my hair blond and created music that had a different production style. It was fascinating but it made me think: “I’m not going to do this again.”


    “In terms of visuals and the music, [Electra Heart] was exactly what I wanted, but I think it was more the fact that it wasn’t a true reflection of me. That was something that I was very open about. I wouldn’t have bothered to create a character to tell the album through if it had been 100 percent expressive of myself as an artist. That was part of the concept, but I think that was very affecting for me creatively, because it’s almost like going around and people thinking you’re this one type of artist, when you’re actually something completely different.”

    Electra Heart is a fuck you record in a number of ways. Fuck you to expectations, to authenticity, to that fuckboy you got too invested in. It’s teenage rebellion in your mid-twenties. It is also what happens when you don’t stand up to your label and get sent to work with an asshole. The album thrives on conflict, embarrassment, dishonesty, and fear. Coated in candy, orgasmic pop hooks, and contemporary production. Built on disappointing commercial performance, heartbreak, and drive to create an artificial outlet for the ugliest, lowest stage of processing rejection. Electra Heart made me go from casual fan to full-on stan faster than it fell out the charts.

    my average: 8.25
  11. [​IMG]

    In your inbox and now I can relax and await the sure-to-be-amazing reveals.

    Averages and 10s

    The Family Jewels - 8.41 - 10x6
    Electra Heart - 8.94 - 10x10
    FROOT - 10.00 - 10x10 plus my 11
    Love + Fear - 9.25 - 10x7
  12. Iconic.
  13. L+F having a higher average than The Family Jewels and Electra Heart???
  14. I enjoy being unique.
  15. [​IMG]

  16. FROOT really is that bitch! 9.0 average from me - the highest I've ever given. @DJHazey you're a legend
  17. Um so I know I’m the last person to ask this but I realllllly could use a couple days extension. I have had LITERALLY no time to even start this.
  18. Yeah, don't worry. There'll be an extension. I just haven't decided on the exact dates, but I'll get to it. Don't worry!
  19. I think, on the averages, it's simple. I told everyone there wasn't a song on Love + Fear that I don't enjoy. Her first two albums are amazing (I don't just throw out 8+ averages to anything) but have a couple of 5s or 6s here and there for songs I just have never liked much and Love + Fear doesn't suffer from least not as it stands today. Maybe that's recency bias or whatever but most of it still goes off to me. Also on the lyrics, there are a bunch of songs on her latest that envoke "what is she talking about?" but she's had a few of those on every album, so what's the difference? I've always loved all of those songs for the most part, so why is it any different to me now?
  20. Yes at this quick drive-by drag aimed at me.
    This will be very helpful for me as well, thank you.
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