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She's Marina, We're The Diamonds, And That Was The Rate [Finalized]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Boy, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]

    I'm too lazy to search for a more decent relevant screenshot so have this ancient one instead x
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  2. Sigh, not surprising based on what people were saying this time around about Primadonna, so I expected a little slide, but this is still tragic.

    9. Obsessions
    8. I Am Not a Robot
    7. Radioactive
    6. Oh No!
    5. Teen Idle
    4. Froot
    3. Blue
    2. Hollywood
    1. I'm a Ruin
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  3. [​IMG]

    Still the first thing I think of.
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  4. So why didn’t you give any 10s, cyst?
  5. And the last song in the rate not to receive a single 11 is...

    'My dad’s quite a conservative person and he brought me up to be very questioning of the commercial world, I definitely got the impression that pop was evil and that Britney Spears was evil.’

    Ah, Hollywood. The song that has so many memories connected to it:

    It was early 2010 and I became aware of Marina when she made headlines for ‘daring to come for Polish Hollywood Wives.’ Naturally the response was along the lines of ‘she just jelly’ and ‘everyone knows british girls are fugly anyway.’ I was in my devouring anything alt pop phase, so naturally I bopped and became a casual fan.

    Fast forward three years to high school and and my extended English course. One of the assignments was to prepare a list of listening comprehension questions related to an interview of our choice. I, being my clueless teenage self, decided to choose something I wouldn't find boring to work on. That something happened to be Electra Heart era Z 100 interview. When the day of the presentation came, it turned out that my audience was basically a group of 18-year olds acting like they were Marina’s dad and she was Britney Spears, cause what they took from the interview was that she’s a pornstar-looking sell-out who can’t even sing (our teacher was curious and decided to play one of her songs, so I recommended Hollywood and all they took from that fucking bop is that she cannot sing!) So you won’t be surprised that was when I decided Marina is just too good for the GP.

    Luckily, nowadays I have a straight boy friend™ who properly appreciates her, so this story has a happy ending.

    @Vixen (7): "This is good, but she has very similar songs that do the whole shenanigan a little bit better. Bonus points for the "My name's Marina!" line...that was legendaric, etc, etc. Overall, it's a clever, sarcastic and cynical take on America and Pop culture - something that she would deep further onto (and more appropriately) with the following album."

    @Miyawakiwi (7.75): "Not that much of a fan, but that ‘actually my name’s Marinara’… iconic."

    @Kenny (8): "I mostly love this song for the "actually my name's Marina" line"

    @Trouble in Paradise (8): "I know it's an absolute Marina Classic and I feel really guilty.mp3 for not giving it a 10 since it could easily be the last song standing from The Family Jewels. The truth is I just don't use it as much as half the album. It's almost too clean sounding with that big pop chorus (even with lyrics like "puking American dreams"). However, no one can deny that a song with "actually my name's Marina" is at least an 8!"

    @Maki (8.25): "We all know why this is a staple in her career. The delivery here is so good, especially the verses. I wish the transition to the chorus wasn't so jarring, and I would enjoy it even more."

    @Dijah. (8.5): "A fun lil bop!"

    @happiestgirl (9): "Actually, my name's Marina. Iconic."

    @imaduck (9): "Actually, my name's Marina" ICONIC."

    @abael (9): "I feel I'm overscoring a bit, but The Family Jewels is set out so well it props one another, just an instantly dazzling package."

    @Verandi (9): "The most obvious single in her catalogue. The instrumental reminds me of something else but in typical me fashion I'm never able to pinpoint what."

    @maverick_79 (9): "I think the single mix actually works better"

    @Cutlery (9): "The video was a scream, she made the most out of whatever budget she was given! It's another dose of chronological storytelling greatness, although I will say that the chorus is a letdown from the rush of the verses. And obviously, those birthed some of her most iconic and beloved lines. All in all, cynical bliss, it's a kii to think Lana was brewing her most senselessly America-loving songs ever at the time Marina was releasing this."

    @Stradiwhovius (9): "Campy and fun and the kick Marina clearly gets from having the audience sing "Acshually my name's marina" is worth a high score on its own. "Living in a movie scene" is one of my favourite bits of imagery from her."

    @babes aloud (9.3): "The production under the chorus is so propelling and enthralling."

    @Sally_Harper (10): "That was a classic.gif"

    @SyPOPhantic (10): "Easily the best song off of the album! It was the gateway song into Marina"

    @Pecans (10): "It’s glamorous yet quirky. You can’t help but fall in love with her in the video, in which she just oozes star quality."

    @OspreyQueen (10): "Okay, this song’s lyrics are as bizarre and incomprehensible as the rest of the album. But frankly, the moment that chorus hits I stop caring. This is literally more anthemic (and true) than the actual American national anthem."

    @Sprockrooster (10): "A bloody brilliant video and making this song a fave. When it came out I felt like she was about to snatch the world with it. It didn't happen but it made this song locked in my heart."

    @sfmartin (10): "Obsessed with the mess that's America...prophetic queen...although maybe she needs to make a UK version. The chorus is undeniable."

    @Music Is Life (10): "This is a lot of fun. I love the lyrics and the production POPS off. Is the single version any different from the album version?"
    Cuts off the best part:
    Air hostesses doing gossip magazine
    Crosswords on a flight to JFK
    Thirty-nine years old with a mile high sheen
    Trying to stimulate a mind
    That is slowly starting to decay
    I itch my skin, I jump up and say
    "Lady, I know why your thoughts turn grey"
    @pop3blow2 (10): "This just flat goes off. I love the extras lyrics in the album version, but the single version really adds the perfect amount of punch."

    @DJHazey (10): "An argument could be made that this was my 11 in my 'pre I'm a Ruin' life. It's definitely one of my most played songs for sure, owing alot of credit to that damn second verse. We all know it and love it. One of the first songs I ever played by Marina and hearing her unique voice, slaying with these bonkers lyrics just had me at hello. So ridiculously fun to sing along to, it's not even real. That bridge towards the chorus is so expertly crafted so the chorus just bursts alive like 4th of July fireworks."

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  6. This rate continues to surprise. I would’ve bet my house ‘Hollywood’ would’ve gotten at least one 11.
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  7. Thank you! I'll track down the album version tomorrow.
  8. I've been meaning to say this for ages.


    Regarding 'Living Dead' the song is a good length.
    the intonations and melodies are varied, even though the same words are repeated.
    Especially the 'I'm Living' parts which are softer and heavily echoed with multi-layered backing vocals from herself.
    The final chorus stretch after the middle-8 is a victory lap with another layer of etherial vocals ever increasing and climaxing.

    Maybe if the second chorus refrain 'I haven't lived love...' was thrown and repeated along with the end it wouldn't leave you all so dis-satistfied.

    And stop calling for my 11.
  9. @happiestgirl and @imaduck giving identical scores and feedback for Hollywood (albeit with some minor differences in case) is, well... iconic.

    I've only taken part/lurked in a few rates, but every one I've seen has something like this - a beloved, often pivotal song gains lots of 10s but no 11s (Moments of Pleasure in the Kate Bush rate and Vision of Love in the Mariah rate come to mind). I think some songs wind up being widely loved without being anybody's favourite. Whether that's better than being massively polarising is up for debate.
  10. 'Hollywood' was really Marina's foot in the door, when it comes the music industry. But thankfully she's grown as an artist.

    Don't get me wrong I love it, but it's simplistic and completely throwaway.
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  11. I'm finally having a quiet day so I can drop this one early


    I can exactly pinpoint the moment I realised I’m not the only person who experiences intense irrational fear. It was Marina’s interview with Nylon, March 2015.

    After all that you've been through, if you could speak with The Family Jewels Marina, what would you tell her now?

    "I had a lot of anxieties about things. It wouldn't be a musical thing, but I think I would tell myself to go see someone for all of the anxiety. I realized I had quite a problem and it's only now I look back on it and think it wasn't normal. Like, wanting to vomit before you're supposed to go out and meet your friends isn't normal. But, at the time, I thought I was just born like that or that it was common."




    11x5: @abael, @Stradiwhovius, @alejandrusco, @rdp, @Sally_Harper
    Highest: 10x26 (@mokitsu, @Sprockrooster, @soratami, @əʊæ, @pop3blow2, @lehnw01, @imaduck, @Cundy, @tylerc904, @maverick_79, @Dijah., @enjoy v2.0, @RUNAWAY, @Hurricane Drunk, @Kenny, @aux, @djmakemewet, @ABoy’sGot2Suffer4Fashion, @Trouble in Paradise, @Petty Mayonnaise, @Oleander, @Aester, @SlowGinFizzzz, @japanbonustrack, @Vixen, @Posh Spears)
    Lowest: 3x1 (@AllGagaLike)​

    I’m sure we all had that moment of realising we are not just being weird and that there’s someone out there who gets it and what a relief it is. For that reason I hold Obsessions very dear to my heart. After years of basically ignoring it as just a relationship gone wrong song I finally actually listened to the lyrics some time ago and guess what? That was some relatable shit. I mean, whoever never had a freakout at a supermarket can cast the first stone. Whoever let their fucked up thoughts steer their life into fucked up places – this is a popstar on her first label release and she gets you. She’s stuck in the same vicious cycle herself. Honestly, presenting herself as a flawed and struggling human being from the outset feels crucial in my continuous stanning of Marina the artist. Gradually, I got invested in her as a person instead of a bops provider (which is often far from a good thing), and I feel like this somber little track has planted the seed and saw the harvest. There will always be new obsessive thoughts, after all, and I will always need a cathartic listen or two to change them into something uplifting.

    @happiestgirl (6): "Beautiful, heartfelt chorus. I can't stand that second verse about crackers though"

    @DJHazey (7): "I appreciate her vocals, especially during the "ah-ah-ah" parts and the 'thumbnail view of this relationship that went to hell' style of the lyrics, but I never connected to them like alot of her fans did and it's still simply one of the least exciting production/melody moments on the album."

    @Verandi (8): "People do too much with this. It's good, but if it wasn't for the middle-8 it would simply fall in the worse half of the album."

    @Maki (8): "First, a confession: This was one of my least favorite songs from this album at some point. But I was wrong. I mean, even if you put the heartbreaking lyrics aside, this is a lovely song, especially the chorus which almost sounds like a classic. This grew on me massively over time. And that 'pa, pa, pa...' part is beautiful. Still, the verses have to grow on me even more for this to get a higher score."

    @OspreyQueen (8.5): "One of the main flaws with The Family Jewels is how rambling and unfocused the lyrics often are, but intentionally or not, that style of songwriting is actually put to really good use in this song. It has a totally authentic stream-of-consciousness feel, which helps drive home the concept of obsessions and anxious thought-processes."

    @Subspace88 (9): "Slap me in the face why don’t you?" I will for not giving this a 10 xx

    @Cutlery (9.5): "Anxiety and intrusive thoughts distilled in pop form. The melodies are not very different from her early demos, just more polished to bring the inherent shine in them. The backing vocals are such a touch, makes this almost a church singalong. I love that the bridge is merely made up of vocal harmonies, there's some kind of power to that. I also connect to it because it's a close friend's favorite Marina song, along with But the Stars, so this is a way of connecting with him and understanding him as a person, I think."

    @Music Is Life (9.5): "YAY a ballad. Wait, never mind. Oh but this is still great." That was a journey!

    @RUNAWAY (10): "that true ocd feelings song. The verse about crackers really gets me right in the feels still, especially as someone who still suffers from ocd. This is one of her best ever songs."

    @Sprockrooster (10): "This should not be that relatable to me, but here we are. There is a comfort in this song that makes me feel not alone in my obsession. And listening to this song actually gives me strength to fight it. Maybe I should have given this my 11, cause the lyrics deserve every accolade in this. Hoping someone did!"

    @imaduck (10): "I will eat my copy of Electra Heart if this isn't in the top 5, surely everyone gushes over this song, I can imagine the majority of huge Marina fans are/were an army of akward teens who can quite easily see themselves in this song."

    @Dijah. (10): "Me deciding to stan Marina when I was age 15 at the onset/through the peak of my depression was probably the worst decision I could have made, but this song is especially close to my heart. She’s such a strong songwriter here."

    @pop3blow2 (10): "What an oddly amazing little song. A masterpiece & probably the best song on the album. Not my fave, but the best... for the sheer scope it ecompasses & how she pulls it all off. The ballad-y intro morphs into a pop song with wonky/bouncy little verses. The whole song altering between slightly sad & resigned whimsy to how absurd all of this is sometimes."

    @Kenny (10): "How I love the absolute breakdown throughout this entire song, I could give commentary to literally every single lyric but my fave bit is definitely the supermarket breakdown and then going back to it a few lines later with "oh ya, the crackers were probably bad luck anyway" I just scream at it every time."

    @Vixen (10): "This was the runner-up for my 11. It's a masterpiece. Just one of Marina's greatest work ever, both musically and lyrically. It's just gorgeous, and heartwrenching. This is EASILY, and I don't say this loosely, top 5 Marina. I really can't think of many songs that manage to do what 'Obsessions' does. IT'S JUST THAT GOOD. Good God."

    @Trouble in Paradise (10): "Oh my could have been 11! I truly think this is Marina's "Best Song" even if it's not my favorite. It really nails the daily struggles of living with mental illness and how that acts in a relationship. "You never told me what it was that made you strong and what it was that made you weak" rings so fucking true. For those of us with an overabundance of emotions, being with someone who's a little more together can feel like living with a mystery. How do you not fall apart when there's a small mishap in your day? What is it that does break you into pieces? And why isn't it my pain?" Ohmygod, this is so real. Even though, I only have a mum to whom I've been trying to explain my disorder and it's still an uphill struggle four years later.

    @abael (11): "The lyrics had more of an impact on me than I expected Marina could deliver. The most instantly memorable track of her debut."

    @Stradiwhovius (11): "This is, for me, quintessential Marina and remains a discography highlight. Small, idiosyncratic but relatable moments spinning outwards into universally identifiable feelings of anxiety and painfully mundane trauma. I've never heard anything like it and I don't think I ever will again."

    @Sally_Harper (11): "This is one of the only rates I’ve done where I didn’t even have to think about what would get my 11. Obsessions made me a stan and I still utterly adore it. The crackers verse is genius, “You never told me what it was that made you strong and what it was that made you weak” is THAT LINE, and the angelic “ah,ah-ah,ah” part immediately afterwards is one of my favourite moments in her entire discography."

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  12. 5 11's for Obsessions. So damn well-deserved!
  13. ‘Obsessions’ was the one that got me into her, what a song.
  14. I wish I'd given Obsessions a 10, if not just for the dreamy "made you weak" outro stretching out at the end. The verse about crackers makes all too much sense as someone struggles with anxiety and has only recently properly attempted to get it under control. It probably makes absolutely no sense unless you've been in that situation, but as someone who has, it feels all too familiar.
  15. Can I just say that I think @əʊæ is doing an outstanding job of running this rate and I am loving the write-ups.

    Hollywood is wonderful and I gave it a 9 (again, it would have been a 10 a few years ago). I remember prior to the release of the album, but after The Crown Jewels EP, Marina said she had some "big guns" to release from the album that we had yet to hear. I'm guessing she was referring to this and perhaps Oh No!? Anyway, Hollywood certainly packs a punch and remains a favourite from Jewels after Obsessions and Robot.
  16. I wish this had hung on a little longer but I'm thrilled to see it score 5 11s. That crackers verse might be the first time I heard a set of lyrics that sounded like somebody had been in my own head and based on those comments I'm far from the only one.

    And it kind of reminds me of the theme from Thomas the Tank Engine, so there's that too.
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    If Teen Idle wins y'all are a mess.
  18. When Marina had a breakdown in a supermarket, I really felt that :(
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  19. I'm happy to see it make Top 10, it was always going to be competitive at this point, we're essentially at a 9 average already.
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  20. I know I sound like a broken record now, but Teen Idle better than Obsessions. Seriously? It's not even in the same sport nevermind league. It's the only song left that I scored lower than an 8 so it's high time it hightailed it to Getfuckedville, no?

    Obsessions, meanwhile, is an utterly classic Marina song and certainly deserves its place in the top 10. The lyrics manage to capture perfectly what it feels like to suffer from social anxiety and it still manages to bop the fuck off. Those oh-oh-oh-ohs are hooky as fuck too. It feels like a core Marina song that is central to her as an artist. A 10, through-and- through.
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