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She's Marina, We're The Diamonds, And That Was The Rate [Finalized]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Boy, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. I’ve always regarded Blue as a little plain and unimaginative. And for god’s sake leave that guy alone already! You think taking advantage of someone for career is bad but using them to fulfil your own emotional needs is all fine and dandy? Nn sorry for this outburst!
    It is not all bad with Blue. The production is top-notch (fresh, sparkling little tingles) and she sounds positively heavenly. I just... can't listen to it anymore for some reason.

    @imaduck (5.5): "I'm here for the the kick drum and choral keyboard riffs but it sort of just ends up feeling a bit like decent filler."

    @etienne (6): "i always forget how half of this album sounds. I just never really bothered with this."

    @abael (7): "None of Froot's tracks are bad, but they are ordinary, indistinct minutes."

    @Miyawakiwi (7): "Not my favorite song, but the music video… The lighting, the CHOREOGRAPHY, the aesthetic, wow!"

    @babes aloud (8.1): "I don't really get much from the verses. So in that respect the chorus did not warrant a single release."

    @Maki (8.25): "This one really grew on me. It went from 'nice' to 'great' in a relatively short time. 'Blu-u-u-u-ue' part (basically the whole pre-chorus) is amazing and totally makes the song for me. The chorus, while memorable, always seemed a bit of a restricted. Great production, too. Love the switch-up near the end."

    @Sprockrooster (9): "Following three magnificent tracks and being followed by two great songs on the album, this got played accidently many times and it worked in his favour as I grew to love it."

    @Dijah. (9): "What a fun bop."

    @Sally_Harper (9): "Double chorus!!"

    @pop3blow2 (9.1): "Wouldn’t have been completely out of place on Electra Heart & would’ve been a stand out there, too."

    @Music Is Life (9.5): "Love the synthy keys on this one. Oof and the pre-chorus where the guitar and drums become more prominent and the absolutely dancey chorus, yessssss. The middle-8 might just be my favorite part if the song. Maybe not. That chorus is really fighting for the title, especially the final one."

    @Ana Raquel (10): "Personal favorite of Froot (and I had a signature on NEOPETS with a verse of this song dddd)."

    @Verandi (10): "Maybe if they had pushed this as the lead single with actual promotion she might have bagged a cute top30 hit. The last chorus with the backing vocals still pulverizes me."

    @VitaminBee (10): "It was between this song and I’m a Ruin for my 11. This one almost won purely on the final chorus and those backing vocals and the outro."

    @Pecans (10): "Blue would have been a great follow-up to Electra Heart’s singles and she really wasted its hit potential. I know she didn’t want a traditional album campaign, but what a wasted opportunity."

    @Kenny (10): "I need to stop relating to her. I feel like it's clear how much I relate to her lyrics. What can I say, she's my depressed queen and that whole "forget about your problems" phase she has now can leave."

    @Vixen (10): "What a rush of energy, sunshine and sugar. Marina doesn't have quite many songs like this - even with her latest venture into Spotify-ready songs, but I'm certainly glad we have this one. It actually reminds a lot of the soundscape of 'Electra Heart' (the kicks, etc), but unlike many songs from the previous albums, this has so much place to breathe and thrive."

    @OspreyQueen (10): "Imagine if Marina collaborated with Florence + the Machine and…the composers for Mario music. Well you don’t have to because it would sound exactly like this."

    @Cutlery (10): "Once again, I can't wrap my head around the fact there was a time I didn't unabashedly stan this deceivingly optimistic slice of pop. Despite the title, the bright bubbly production, and the sweet manner "I don't wanna feel blue anymore / Blueeeeeee" is delivered, this song is so reflective of abandonment issues and seeking instant gratification in a relationship. A strong moment is how Marina keeps singing as the song's fading out, with those heavenly vocals backing her for the final chorus."

    @Subspace88 (10): "Best track on the album. Easy. The contrast of production versus the lyrics? Amazing. The video? Amazing. A proper moment being the last song on the FROOT tour. Everyone lost their shit."

    @Stradiwhovius (10): "I heard this playing while I was shopping in Morrisons and I started crying. A musical throwback to previous eras while also showing us how much she has developed as a song crafter and a person. I wish I could give both it and I'm A Ruin 11s because they both showcase her artistic and personal development in perfect but contrasting ways. And as with I'm Not Hungry Anymore, I'd be content if the beaming grin at the end of the video was the last thing she ever did."

    @DJHazey (10): "More of a 'big pop moment' for this album than what most people point to: the title track. I'm a Ruin is that for sure, but that's much more divisive with people bemoaning its 'overratedness' when everybody and their sister loves Blue. About as catchy and dare I say 'pure pop' as Marina gets sonically, because parts of this song make you feel lighter than almost any song before it in her entire discography. The video of her at a carnival fits the bill because it really sounds like that setting: effervescence and carefree. In reality the words are telling you something entirely different...desperate need for human contact in the face of despair and heratbreak. Also I can't not mention a career highlight in "gimme love, gimme dreams, gimme a good self etseem" -- I mean, when are your favs writing gems like this?"

    @happiestgirl (11): "Such a fantastic, honest, relatable masterpiece. The cheery sounding chorus, the devastating lyrics, and the simplicity of 'I don't wanna be blue anymore.' Also, this song basically describes my last relationship, so it hits extra hard for me. It's so easy to equate attention with love, and companionship with happiness"

    @sfmartin (11): "Joyous. Pure and simple joy in a song, despite the excellent bittersweet lyrics. The song just flows effortlessly from one section to this miraculous chorus. Impossible to feel blue after listening to this."

    The plan for the rest of reveals:
    I'm heading out of town for the weekend, so I'll post an early one tomorrow, attempt to get #3 out on my phone Saturday and the finale should be ready Sunday evening or night depending on which train I'll manage to catch.
    So bittersweet to see the ending approaching!​
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  2. Oh for fuck's sake.
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  3. Feeling super super SUPER homicidal
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  4. Blue is pretty much THE perfect pop song. So happy she's in the Top 5; it's where she belongs. x
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  5. Froot should definitely win now, but I'll also accept Oh No. Get I'm A Ruin and Radioactive out next.
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  6. In retrospect I wouldn't score Blue as highly as I did (I think it was 9.25?), should have been out sooner.
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  7. I just know Froot is coming up next.
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  8. Radioactive can leave next, please and thank you.
  9. issa big one

    "You never really hear many songs about someone who has really hurt somebody else and the pain of not wanting to be with someone, but also not wanting to completely destroy them. It’s very hard."

    The previous winner, huh? What can I really say about I'm a Ruin? It is a song I use when I want to feel sad and uncomfortable. Even for a track focused around being the bad guy in a relationship, it is overwhelmingly defeatist and doesn’t offer much resolve. Sure, it does make it more true-to-life and thorny, as the subject matter probably invites. It’s just that I come to songs with this trope for some kind of release of emotions and I just don’t get that with I’m a Ruin. I can’t relate and I can’t sympathise. That sort of posed a problem upon release cause everyone was losing their shit and I was like manically asking myself “what am I missing?” while keeping it on repeat. That “I’ve had my share of beautiful men…” bit always felt so discordant that I ended up cutting it out just so it wouldn’t take me out of the song every time. I haven’t really listened to it since 2015, but it’s still in my top 10 most played tracks of all time, so let this be testament to its magnitude. Plus, she looks seriously stunning in the video.

    @imaduck (4): "unpopular opinion alert but I really don't see why this song is so amazing, I certain it will probably win because people seem to wet their pants over this but it does nothing for me."

    @Cutlery (5): "Yeah this has never been all that for me. I was baffled when this came with the FROOT of the Month releases. I appreciate that it's a different approach from pop, which turth be told seems the case with every song in the album sounding distinctly different from each other, but the end product is a miss for me. The guitar-led yeah-eeh-eah's ah-ha's and ooh-hoo's give me more chore than euphoric chant along, the bridge gives me try hard lyricism rather than emotional strength. She feels emulating relatability from a very anthemic perspective, but she promptly failed."

    @Vixen (6,75): "Alright, probably my biggest unpopular opinion on here. But I just don't think this is as good as people say it is? It's definitely not the weakest offerings from the album, I would never go that far, but I'm still genuinely surprised at how well this has resonated with the fanbase. I'll give you guys that ; the lyrics are...fantastic. Such an eloquent take on the subject at hand."

    @abael (7): "Again, nothing wrong here but its hardly her most interesting track."

    @happiestgirl (7): "The only part that brings the song down is that oooh, yeaheeeeyeah part after the chorus. Otherwise, gorgeous"

    @Maki (7,75): "To be completely honest, I never considered this song one of her best, not even one of the best from this album. I really can't see and hear what's so amazing about it. It takes too long to get to the highlight which is the chorus. And, of course, I adore the 'yeah...' part - that is undeniably the best thing about the song. I never warmed to the verses, which is the main reason it didn't receive a higher score. Nonetheless, this is a great song, just not one of my favorites. I guess that we all have at least one unpopular opinion and this is mine."

    @Subspace88 (8): "I’ve never gelled with this one as much as every one has. It’s only recently I’ve seen why people like it so much, but I still think people put a bit too high on a pedastal."

    @sfmartin (8): "It's a great song and I love the Kate Bushisms throughout in the "yay e yeah" second chorus thing. It really elevates it."

    @OspreyQueen (8): "While I’m not QUITE as in love with this as everyone else, it’s still gorgeous. I love the 80s soft-rock vibe, and the wordless post-chorus hook is like, catchy but in a sad way."

    @Trouble in Paradise (9.5): "Absolutely gorgeous! You can practically feel the tears rolling down her cheeks as she twirls in that flowing red Kate Bushian dress!"

    @Sprockrooster (10): "A previous 11 of mine (alt-girls rate) and it has not lost one bit of it's adoration, though I never it consider as my Marina fave, cause her discography is simply that good. But one of the holy trinty? Definitely."

    @Bangers&Bops (10): "Honestly, perfection."

    @Miyawakiwi (10): "Not sure about the whole aesthetic choice for the music video (idk why it reminds me of star wars) but i love the song, the chorus is so Good!."

    @Verandi (10): "Iconic etc."

    @Pecans (10): "Heartbreakingly honest and one of Marina's best singles, period."

    @Music Is Life (10): "The way this builds is absolutely immaculate. I really love the production on this. It’s so layered and interesting. The synth drums really give it a pulse that I enjoy, if that makes sense. And then there’s the lyrics. Those absolutely heartbreaking, beautiful, well-written lyrics. AND her ocals are so fucking good! Everything about this is amazing."

    @Sally_Harper (10): "Work of art."

    @Stradiwhovius (10): "It's sad. And it’s beautiful."

    @babes aloud (10): "An 11 contender. A song."

    @VitaminBee (11): "My favorite and most played Marina song. Great production and lyrics and a beautiful music video."

    @Kenny (11): "I was considering a bunch of other songs to be my 11 cause I was thinking about maybe giving it to a song that, imo, would get underscored but I can't lie and felt like this was the only right choice for me. Especially cause the lyrics were honestly everything to me in the last months of my relationship that I ended a few months ago. So ya once again, relatable for me."

    @DJHazey (11): "Come on now, I've championed this song so many times over the years on this very forum, that you knew the 11 was going here. Easily my most played song of all-time (over songs I've listened to for decades longer) and yet it has never lost a bit of oomph. Not in the slightest. People would actually get sick of me singing along to the same song back in 2015, because it was always playing on my headphones. I don't do 'repeat playing' too much so this is a thing that I did. I'm not going to hammer away at the nitty gritty details like I've done in numerous rates, but it still astonishes me to this day how Marina sings from a 'power position' (yet again) the way she does here. She shows her lover the hand before it is even played. "This will happen because I will fuck it up, and you will be devastated". The end. This reflective story resonates so well because Marina delivers the words in ways we never imagined. "And I've, tried, to say. Baby I'm gonna ruin you if you make me stay." is so simple and to the point if you cut and paste it, but within the confines of the song it spits fire and blows your mind over and over again."

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  10. Well done voters for having some taste.
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  11. Issa threeway album battle in the top 3!

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  12. aux


    Oh, okay. You stan the fuck out of Love + Fear but don't like I'm A Ruin. Werk.
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  13. Froot climbing and rightfully claiming a spot in the top 3?? Deserved ×
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  14. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I'd be very happy with either a Froot or Radioactive victory, and I guess I'd survive if Oh No won too.
  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I actually love this top three.

    Also, I'm A Ruin only losing 0.08 in its average despite falling three places? Talent. Imagine the averages for the top three.
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  16. Oh shit, didn't expect that. "I'm a Ruin" is definitely the song of Marina's for me. That post chorus crooning still sends chills down my spine,

    I love all 3 songs left, so I would be glad wiht either one of them winning.
  17. #teamfroo-oo-oo-oot lalalalalala
    Good luck good luck to you!
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  18. Radioactive needs to DIE.
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  19. If FROOT doesn't win y'all I swear to God.
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  20. 'FROOT' is a masterpiece so that better win.

    'I'm A Ruin' is a track I've oddly never connected with, I think it's a bit bare bones in terms of melody and production? 'Blue' is great for the opposite reasons, but still has something missing for me.
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