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She's Marina, We're The Diamonds, And That Was The Rate [Finalized]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Boy, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Radioactive being in the Top 3 is a hate crime.
  2. I mean I gave all three songs a 10, but I really hope Radioactive hasn't won...
  3. None of these represent my favorite from each album but I won't hate to see any of them win. Froot is my second favorite from that album where as the other two are like my #5 and #7 from their respective albums.
  4. Radioactieve being top 3 when all of Love and Fear got tossed before top 20. The sheer inconsistency.
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  5. I don't mind any of these as winners!

    I'd say Froot > Radioactive > Oh No! but all three are amazing.
  6. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Radioactive is much better at achieving what Love + Fear was trying to do, though. All the bops on Love + Fear wish they were Radioactive. Plus Radioactive doesn't tell me to enjoy my problems or go on about Lenin's corpse.

    After what you did to my 11, it's what you deserve.
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  7. I gave Radioactive a 9.5 and the other 2 got a 10 so I'm not entirely mad but I'm surprised Radioactive made it into the top 3.
  8. It's still faceless and chartseeking.
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  9. “Froot” and “Oh No!” being in the top 3 pleases me. Popjustice.
  10. If the averages are this close then I'll confess now that I might have squashed Froot's chances of staying in any longer since I gave it a 8.5 (?). If it makes things any better I'd probably swap it's score with Blue's now!

    I can't feel too bad though since it might help my 11 win.
  11. Okay I don't think Radioactive is her best, but it's a big thumping bop nonetheless and way ahead of anything on Loss + Feet
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  13. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Actually, no, it's not. Her delivery of "Tonight I feel like neon gold / I take one look at you and I grow cold" is very Marina.
    Heaven forbid Merna should attempt to get a chart hit to launch her second album with, after three consecutive singles that missed the UK top 20.

    (It's still her fourth-highest charting single in the UK, behind Primadonna, Hollywood and Baby.)
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  14. 'Radioactive' is great because it's so 'chartseeking' but it's still not only great but also steeped in Marina-isms.
  15. A Froot/Oh No! top 2 would be a bit iconic.
  16. Please Don't Call Me is a banger. Even in demo form, it gives Radioactive a run for its money. I have no idea why she left it off Love + Fear.
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  17. You need all the life support you can get. I thought you would never recover from Numb bombing out of the Top 10. ;)
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  18. Oh No! is my last 10 left and the song that made me buy the album back then but considering the luck I brought to Blue I'm just gonna sit here and eat my food.
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  19. Yeah we got the song all the way to #4 in her discography. Back to back Top 4s and an average very similar each time. That is taste.
  20. Froot and Oh No! need to make the final 2. Radioactive is good but the others are far superior and represent the two ends of my Marina stanhood spectrum. Oh No! was the first Marina song I ever truly stanned and Froot was the last.
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