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She's Marina, We're The Diamonds, And That Was The Rate [Finalized]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Boy, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. TEA!
  2. I really like her high vocals on Superstar. They add an eerie, almost otherworldly vibe to the song. But yeah, it would have been nice to hear more of her lower register on the rest of the album.
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    Froot would be the least incorrect winner at this point, but some of the opinions in this rate have been frankly TERRIBLE so I’m waiting for Oh No to get the crown.
  4. "I just think, if I’d sat in my bedroom and carried on as I was because I thought that equalled credibility, I don’t think I would have produced a good album. With Stargate the production is the antithesis of everything I’ve done so far, we originally composed it to this sort of guitar dance track. Then on the last night of working with them someone from Amsterdam sent in an instrumental to a different girl that didn’t work. And then Tor [from Stargate] was like, ‘oh my God, what if we turn put it underneath that track’, and I was like, ‘hm…’, and then we did it and it sounded amazing. And I really wanted to go with it. This is like the only time I would have released that song, I think. End of the summer… Before I have an album out. It’s not the sort of song that would be the lead single for an album."




    11x4: @AllGagaLike, @babes aloud, @japanbonustrack, @Remorque
    Highest: 10x30 (@mokitsu, @Bangers&Bops, @soratami, @Miyawakiwi, @əʊæ, @etienne, @Ana Raquel, @pop3blow2, @CasuallyCrazed, @DJHazey, @imaduck, @SyPOPhantic, @VitaminBee, @Pecans, @maverick_79, @Subspace88, @enjoy v2.0, @RUNAWAY, @Hurricane Drunk, @OspreyQueen, @nikkysan, @alejandrusco, @djmakemewet, @londonrain, @If You Go, @Oleander, @evilsin, @sfmartin, @SlowGinFizzzz, @rdp,
    Lowest: 4x1 (@Stradiwhovius)​

    A banger that makes you feel. The euphoria of total freedom. Disassociate from your feelings girls, cause here it comes! An ageless slap to the face of those who confuse banging away on the keyboard with authenticity. Back then the reaction to Marina “selling out” was so… extreme when this is just a step up the pop ladder from Oh No!, with slicker production and admittedly simpler hook. But I’ll be damned if this doesn’t hit all the right spots. And if you just take the “my heart is radioactive” line repeated ad nauseam, and claim that it’s shallow, than you must have missed the burning depths of anxiety and insecurity peeking out from behind every raging synth, every playfully delivered line. What makes a pop song great if not a deep sadness.gif searing the confident and upbeat exterior?

    @Stradiwhovius (4): "Dr Luke."

    @Sprockrooster (6): "This never clicked for me. Maybe it is the repetitiveness. The only part I really adore is the middle-8. The chorus is just a bit lacklustre."

    @Vixen (6,5): "Unpopular opinion I'm sure, but this is one of the songs that I got slightly bored of with time, instead of growing on me. I mean, it's a bop, and it's certainly serviceable, there's no denying that.... I'm just not sure it's as good as people pretend it is. In fact, I would say it's highly comparable to some of the stuff on 'LOVE + FEAR' which is why it's surprising that it's always held so highly, in my opinion? The melodies are great, sure, but we're not gonna pretend this is Marina's best lyrics, nor are we gonna pretend this production is somehow any better than the Spotify-ready stuff we had..............but maybe we aren't ready for this conversation yet! Great bridge, though, I will give her that. She really went there ; simple, but effective." Are you really implying this can be compared to cardboard cutouts impersonating songs made by cardboard cutouts impersonating humans...

    @Verandi (7): "It always amazes me how overrated this is in the fandom. It's good, far from her best though."

    @abael (8): "Yeah, this got an eight because it's uptempo. Not much else going for it, just being vaguely danceable is enough for me it seems."

    @happiestgirl (8): "Is this overrated? Yes. Does it still slap? Yes."

    @Music Is Life (8.5): "Basic bop alert! Okay but this is still a lot of fun. And I like the “My blood is radioactive” lyric."

    @Cutlery (9): "A proper banger! I think it's aged the worst from the rest of the productions, but nostalgia is more than enough to carry the shine of this track. Ironically, I didn't like it that much years back but much like Power & Control I do love it. The beat is infectious, many of the club-ready remixes take it even further." Did anyone try the Starsmith Remix? I thought the Starsmith Remix was lovely!

    @Maki (9,25): "No wonder this one gets so much love; it's so addictive and catchy. No matter how dated it might sound, it remains one damn strong track. It's not perfect (the chorus misses something for me), but it's such a good song. And she does look like Shakira in the music video, right?"

    @Trouble in Paradise (9.5): "Here I am! Drunk on vodka mixed with orange soda, dancing in the after hours upstairs of the seedy gay club with abandon! Somehow I’m not hungover the next day and I’m laughing at tumblr memes about lions on a fake beach. These are the brief moments of bliss in an otherwise highly depressed stage of life and it’s all wrapped up in this song’s euphoria."

    @Dijah. (9.5): "I would give my left arm to hear this song live. What a fun time with a fun video."

    @imaduck (10): "I remember the first time I heard this when the music video game out and I was 100% certain this would be the big hit for Marina and her and Ellie could finally reign supreme, how their careers have diverged since then."

    @SyPOPhantic (10): "This should have smashed harder than Rihanna’s “we found love”- it is one of her best !"

    @Miyawakiwi (10): "This might sound a little weird but i find nuclear energy really interesting, also, the song is an absolute, pristine bop."

    @etienne (10): "i really wish she had pushed this vibe a bit further across the album"

    @Pecans (10): "Where can I start with Radioactive? There are no words to sum up this absolute anthem."

    @Subspace88 (10): "Also should’ve been on the standard. One of the best tracks from the era."

    @sfmartin (10): "The "tonight I feel like neon goooooold" bridge is just something else and warrants the 10 alone, astronomic. The rest is a tad dated but still a sharp shot of euphoria."

    @OspreyQueen (10): "Remember when this came out and half the fanbase were aghast that Marina had released something with a club beat and said she’d “sold out”, completely unaware of what horrors awaited them 8 years later? Anyway this is a total fucking bop that’s aged amazingly and is still a staple of my “listen when you’re fucking mad” playlists."

    @RUNAWAY (10): "Radioactive….what is there even to say about Radioactive? Radioactive is flawless. Electra Heart has 2 blonde wigs, and a silver one too. I hear she does car commercials….in GREECE. Her favorite movie is Oedipus the King. No, but anyway, Radioactive is an actual MOMENT in pop music. A moment that doesn’t happen near enough. This song is one of Marina’s best, and truly deserves all praise thrown to it."

    @pop3blow2 (10): “Hello? Yes, I’d like to report a pop crime. Why wasn’t the global smash that made Marina an international mega-star?”

    @DJHazey (10): "I love this like most of Popjustice world, but its production seemingly abandons everything that people thought Marina sounded like in a pop song. *Gasp* a simple dance beat? I've never experienced those emotions before, because of course I live for this kind of dance-pop normally. Once I read somewhere that Marina wrote it after visiting New York for the first time, I now imagine her experiencing the nightlife with rooftop parties and the NYC skyline illuminating her divine beauty as she gets her life. The moment when the synths starting grinding for the middle eight is so dynamic and paints a picture of dark uncertainty in contrast to the carefree picture I'm trying to paint. It's all a bit sinister with its promise of chaos, as if it's the developing storyline that would lead to the anthem we now know as I'm a Ruin."

    @babes aloud (11): "This will always be the one for me. 'Primadonna' was so massive but 'Radioactive deserved an era all to itself to inspire a different dance album. It definitely deserved more than bonus status. I desperately want a 'Radioactive Something New' mashup."

    @japanbonustrack (11): "this will always be the Bop."

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  5. Radioactive is an 8. It's really good, but nowhere near top-drawer Marina.
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  6. Ah well 3 is my favorite number anyway.
  7. Radioactive is great*, but Oh No and Froot being the final two feels far more representative of Marina's strengths.

    *It is great, but for as much as people wanna talk about how Electra Heart is dated, it's probably the biggest offender in that regard, but issa banger.
  8. I love Oh No!, but Froot is soooooo much more sophisticated.
  9. Yeah sorry no the Dr Luke comment (and score but the 4 was intended for this too) was for Heartbreaker. But yeah, it’s generic, dated, and... fine I guess, but no better than the Love and Fear tracks we dropped 40 places ago.
  10. This is PopJustice! I don't care which track wins now but I have a strong feeling it's going to be Froot.
  11. It's certainly not as good as No More Suckers, Soft To Be Strong, Too Afraid, Superstar, and of course Baby!
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. I don't think Radioactive is Top 5 Marina, but it's certainly a lot more fun than anything on Love + Fear. I gave it a 9.
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  15. I am just confused how so many voters can't see the same schtick is used on Radioactive as on most tracks of Love + Fear. End of An Earth is as much as a typical Marina track as Radioactive.
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    Aren’t you the same person who thinks Tinashe’s 2 On is a terrible song? I don’t think it’s everyone else’s taste that’s the problem here.
  17. Ah... a clear relation indeed!
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    Seriously, though, Marina’s delivery and the tempo and production set Radioactive apart from Love + Fear. It’s not really the same thing at all.
  19. Radioactive is a typical Marina track? I must've missed what album she did poppers o'clock Eurodance/house bangers on. Even compared to the rest of Electra Heart it's very distinct.
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