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She's Marina, We're The Diamonds, And That Was The Rate [Finalized]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Boy, Aug 11, 2019.


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    No More Suckers stronger than Radioactive?

    I have to laugh.
  2. Radioactive should be so basic and a forgettable moment in her discography, purely because it’s so derivative. I mean, I feel like Calvin Harris had used the same synth motif in several songs that year already, not to mention many other copycat tunes. Marina “having a go” at this type of song was the last thing anyone needed or wanted...

    Yet, somehow, her vocals, the melody, that middle-eight... the song is just elevated to something quite magnificent. Easily worthy of a top 3 placing.
  3. "My heart is nuclear
    love is all that I fear
    Ready to be let down
    now I'm heading for a melt down"

    Love the overlay of vocals on this bit.
  4. The best part!
  5. Damn the devil was hard to defeat this time around.
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  6. I remember around the time Radioactive was released a friend of mine mentioned she loved a song called Radioactive, and I got excited thinking Marina was going to catch on, and then it turned out she was talking about the Imagine Dragons song!

    This is second time my 11 has made it top 2! I don't think I've ever had an 11 win...did however have an 11 be the first elimination
  7. Froot is so much better than Oh No! so watch the latter win.
  8. Froot would be a more exciting and unexpected win but Oh No is more quintessential & classic Marina.

    I'm happy either way now.
  9. Sorry for going on about this but how the hell did The Art Of Letting Go not make it over something like Life Is Strange?
  10. No More Suckers is brilliant. I gave it a 10.
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  11. I've never been so attached to and defensive of my 11 before. Marina Diamandis really did that.
    I'm disgusted by how 'Radioactive' has been dragged. It's my favourite just out of many amazing Marina songs.

    This is actually really well put and actually constructive.
    In the scheme of things how it should work out.

    To some of you, you're dead to me. This is all you'll get:

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  12. Also YES to the thread title showing up the latest elimination not even being the best song from 2012 called Radioactive.
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  13. I'm amazed that Froot ended up being top 2. Very unexpected in the most amazing way.
  14. I've just got caught up with this rate. I would have been backing I'm A Ruin but rooting for Froot now. What a song.

    I just don't get Radioactive. It does absolutely nothing for me. I'm hoping some day I'm hear the amazingness that I'm apparently missing.
  15. lurking over this thread and putting my two cents: Oh No! has to take this, I like Froot but Oh No! is the first Marina song I heard so it has sentimental value sure but its lyrics resonate with me in some way? especially the ''TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal'' and ''Cause I feel like I'm the worst, so I always act like I'm the best'' sections.

    saying that, I wouldn't mind Froot winning either as it's a good pop song.
  16. Froot is just so unique. But then I suppose you could say that about Oh No!

    Either way, the winner has at least a 9 from me.
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  17. I'm ecstatic about the top 2, her most adventurous vs most boppable song facing against each other
  18. "Radioactive" being the first one to fall out of the top 3 feels right. I never thought it is magnificent, but it's definitely super catchy and fun. It doesn't even belong to her top 10, but I can't complain at its high placement.
    And you can't deny that it's the most dated song from "Electra Heart". Those synths almost sound dated on arrival and that sets it apart from all of the other songs on the album, so it's completely reasonable why it wasn't included on the standard edition. However, Marina's delivery and melodies and very reminiscent of her other work.
    Also, if we're battling arguably the two most basic songs from that era, "How to Be a Heartbreaker" wins for me - it's even more addictive than "Radioactive". Yes, both are basic (especially the instrumentals), but Marina infuses them with her signature style and makes them much better than what's initially expected.

    @Music Is Life giving a score lower than a 9 to it is quite shocking.

    I kind of wish that I didn't score "Oh No!" the same as "Radioactive", because the former is much more 'Marina-sounding' and has more of an edge.

    Nonetheless, "Froot" should win this.
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  19. 'Everyone’s like, “You’re doing so well,”’ she says incredulously. 'And I’m like, “No, I’m not!” I need to do so much more.’

    Let’s talk about the bonafide 10s classic that is Oh No! Greg Kurstin doesn’t always come through with great production, but here? Exactly right balance of synthpop and off-kilterness. down-to-Earth enough to fit on the album, shiny enough to be a no-brainer single material. And above all, viciously catchy. The way Marina almost stumbles over the chorus’ lyrics never fails to captivate. The verses bristle with Tumblr-bait catchphrases. It’s a conveyor belt of a pop song, and if we were assembling humans, the amount of ambition provided in those 3 minutes would be enough to equip a small country. It really is a testament to the fact that while her main strength lies in eliciting emotional connection, she excels at high octane bangers. After all, Marina might not be a robot but she sure knows it pays to present herself as one.

    @Miyawakiwi (8): "Not my favorite song and tbh i would’ve released something else as a single but it’s pretty fun"

    @OspreyQueen (8): "It’s a cute, catchy ready-made hit (#38 baby!!!), I’m not gonna complain about that when I’m on a site called Popjustice. It also washes out the taste of the previous track very nicely. “Colgate, tongue warm” indeed."

    @imaduck (9): "How can someone not love this song? It's everything that's great about pop marina and was surely the blueprint for Electra Heart"

    @SyPOPhantic (9): "Fantastic production - those punchy backing vocals really push this to a 9."

    @Maki (9,25): "The poppiest moment of the album is here and it's so enjoyable. The production is great and I love the direct lyrics, which are a standard at this point. Such a catchy chorus adds to this already infectious song. The outro is another plus, but, as a whole, I wish it appealed even more to me."

    @Music Is Life (9.5): "I love the production. This is so boppy and I can’t stop moving."

    @Sprockrooster (10): "OH HELL FUCKING YEAH!"

    @Remorque (10): "One of my definite favourites in her discography. I too am someone who constantly strives after the next best thing, having achieved something and Marina illustrates that perfectly. The punchy production and her performance are most definitely what makes the song so perfect. Even the backing vocals coming in during that second chorus don't fail to give me goosebumps. And to round off this already tew long bit of commentary: the video compliments the song to a T. Let's get that gay, eh, ladies?"

    @Vixen (10): "A classic... Literally a classic. I mean, come on? It's one of these songs in Marina's discography that is just a straight undeniable BOP. I don't think I've ever heard this song and thought about skipping it. If I'm sitting, I'm standing up to dance. If I'm walking in the streets, the hips gotta move a little. It has such an undisputed hook."

    @londonrain (10): "The runner-up for my 11. I adore the unusual percussion, the layered harmonies, and the cynical lyrics. Marina at her best"

    @Trouble in Paradise (10): "How many artists put out such a clear mission statement and still make it such a BOP!? ALso this is truly the anthem of over achieving maniacs like myself (especially those that simultaneously burn themselves out in high school yet never let go of their personal expectation of perfection for themselves)"

    @sfmartin (10): "A jaunty melodical triumph. Insanely catchy. It has all the ap......PEAL. One of my absolute favourites."

    @Cutlery (10): "The obvious last-standing song from Jewels, it's deserved because it's pretty much perfect. Retro, catchy as hell, versatile, ideal chorus, memorable oh noes. I still love doing the dance routine to it with my bestie from whatever old ass Wii edition of Just Dance it was on."

    @abael (10): "Production sounds familiar to the point the song it is mimicking is on the tip of my tongue. Regardless, this is production at its most punchy, and fortunately, Marina is capable of holding center stage with an equally dynamic performance."

    @Verandi (10): "The Banger. Still one of the catchiest songs she's ever made, and I remember loving the video too."

    @pop3blow2 (10): ‘Material Girl’ for the Tumblr generation."

    @DJHazey (10): "Probably still one of the most 'instant' pop songs in Marina's catalogue, to this day. It's loaded with all the quotable lyrics that make Hollywood so dynamic. Also, it plays on that incredibly ironic character Marina loves to play -- the one who wants all the glitz and glamour. Hearing "I'm only after success" when the rest of the song leaves you wondering. That's her style."

    @happiestgirl (10): "How is this the most relatable song in the world?"

    @Dijah. (10): "Literally my second favorite Marina song EVER. Oh No! is a stone cold bop and has probably shaped around 15% of the person I am today. Also, the video is perfect."

    @Subspace88 (10): "The song that started it all for me. The music video came on one day, and it was love from there."

    @Stradiwhovius (10): "In my mind, this is the sequel than confirms the uncertainty of Mowgli's Road and commits to the deranged concept of success and artifice. The song hates itself - at once being the most pop and anti-pop at once. And then having the nerve to pre-emptively reference that in the song itself: "don't do love, don't do friends. I'm only after success." which in turn connects to other 10/10 song Numb. The emotional centerpiece of the album. Like evolution: Nothing works without it."

    @babes aloud (10): "Everyone's 11 from this era. I wish I knew about Marina at the time. Also Mini Viva wouldn't have flopped if they had this song."

    @Kenny (10): "I looooove this song. "don't do love, don't do friends" whew, what an opening line. "I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine", "if I fail, I'll fall apart", "cause I feel like I'm the worst so I always act like I'm the best", "TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal" "I'm gonna live, I'm gonna fly. I'm gonna fail, I'm gonna die" all standout relatable lines. This one was definitely in my considerations for an 11."

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  20. aux


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