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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ribzy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I really love SHINee but Why So Serious is different and disappointing compared to their other singles... I have enjoyed to seeing it live. Very visual...
  2. As negatively received as 'Ring Ding Dong' is on here, I still think it's by far SHINee's most superior song with Lucifer coming in closely behind! Would most definitely recommend it (although I'm probably gun target for 3Xs now eek!).
  3. If you say this because I haven't answered so far, then I'm sorry - I was really busy with celebrating my birthday, moving and starting my summer job. But thank you really much - I really appreciate it!
    So far, I'm still really into "Why so serious?" and "Dream girl". "Lucifer" doesn't do anything for me and I'm surprised that they look that different in the video - would have never thought that they are the same band like in "Why so serious?"
  4. Lucifer is SHINee (and k-pop's) absolute peak, so try harder.
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  5. I recall Lucifer actually took a few listens for me to love it at first. It has quite an unusual structure.

    K-pop groups in general drastically change their look/concept for each era.
  6. 3Xs


    No no, that's alright, no need to apologize. I'm just so used to recommending Asian pop stuff to people only to never hear from them again, which is why I usually don't bother. Better for people to discover stuff on their own.

    Anyway, glad you liked Dream Girl. They actually released two complimentary albums this year. One with Dream Girl and the other with Why So Serious.
  7. Ya Shinee has a couple of songs I don't like as well... But their good songs and how good they are out way any of the bad ones. They have a unique style, it really sticks out. A lot of kpop groups blur together for me but from the first time I saw "Hello", that was whats up. edit- For anyone new to Shinee or who doesn't have a grasp. Watch "Dream Girl" sit back and enjoy the mind blow, or get up and dance your face off. Either way will suffice.
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  8. I was the same way. I watched it and was like, ok that was pretty cool I think maybe. Let's try it again, and I was hooked on it.
  9. I actually don't hate WSS like some people here. I find Sherlock to be far worse. And Dazzling Girl has really grown on me. Dream Girl not so much.

    And yes, Lucifer is the pinnacle of K-pop. It has so much momentum and energy to the point where I look forward to the verses as much as I do the chorus. *Watches video for 504th time*
  10. Why So Serious is actually kind of fun. Can't watch the video because of Taemin though.

    Sherlock for me is abysmal.
  11. They are coming back in October with an EP... on October 14th... 4th come-back of the year... I hope f(x) will also come-back... I miss them...
  12. So much SHINee this year! It's been largely quantity over quality for me, though. Despite some good tracks, I don't find myself coming back to much they're released in 2012. Their recent J-pop 1D cover was pretty fun though.
  13. They have a new japanese single coming in December. It's called 3. 2. 1. What a productive year for them.

  14. Take me back to 9 days ago when Onew was FEELIN HIMSELF and I was in the crowd screeching
  15. Not entirely related to the band (kinda though) but today was JJong's last radio show (he cried, obviously) and Minho showed up!!
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  16. Jonghyun's album is outstanding. Take the Dive is one of my favourite songs of the year already.
  17. Only 173 days, 9 hours, 53 minutes & 10 seconds until my man returns to me.

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