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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ribzy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. A quick google images search of Onew is all you need to do 3Xs! In terms of attractiveness/ cuteness for me it is easily Minho, Onew, then a gap, Key, then a big gap, Jonghyun & Taemin but I love all of them.

    I really wish they would have released a Japanese version of Ring Ding Dong, genuinely only because I want a dance version. But I love the Juliette video. I'm sure it'll do well. Hopefully a Japanese SHINee album isn't too far away.
  2. Onew and Minho regularly switch as my SHINee bias. Onew is so adorable. He's sweet on variety shows as well.
  3. 3Xs


    Ring Ding Dong can be left to die in the back of their discography. I hope they don't re-release it in Japan!
  4. You mean Amigo?? Because Ring Ding Dong is an amazing song. Haters aren't elastic or fantastic!

    And the choreography is easily their best for me and I need to see it performed all the time. I really just want a proper dance version of it like we got with SNSD's Genie but it will never happen.
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    Oh yes, thanks for reminding me, Amigo can lie right next to RDD in the SHINee graveyard!

    I hope their next single is Love Like Oxygen. Then release the album full of Michael-esque R&B and call it a day.
  6. I want something fresh and new as their next Japanese single. Thank god Hello was just a b-side.
  7. 3Xs


    Maybe a double A-side with 1 old song and 1 new song ala MR.TAXI/Run Devil Run?

    Something new would be great though. I'm dying for new material.
  8. Amigo was easily one of their best performances on SMTown Paris though, got everyone pumping along with Ready Or Not!

    Minho is my favourite for his ressemblance with SNSD's Yuri (I swear they could be siblings) and his voice is pure unff. Onew is next 'cause he's hilarious, tied with Key because he's just fabulous. JongHyun and TaeMin I'm equally as indifferent, never got TaeMin's "charms" but I love JongHyun's dinosaur aura.

    I hope their Japanese album is even better than Lucifer!
  9. After the Japanese versions of Replay and Juliette, I feel like Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer just don't fit them anymore. I can't explain it.
  10. I want Lucifer is Japanese! One of there best songs.
  11. Please no remake, those are so lazy. Japan can only make Lucifer even better but how about making a new song just about as amazing as Lucifer if not more?
  12. I groan every time I learn of a K-pop act going to Japan. It always means remakes, bad styling, and questionable pronunciation. I wonder If SHINee will resume their Ring Ding Dong/Lucifer sound in Korea or go back to the R&B style they're revisiting in Japan. Probably the former, with any luck, though I do like Juliette and Oxygen very much.
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    SHINee's Japanese styling/videos/remakes have all be quite good though, so I don't really mind them being there. Unlike 90% of the groups it actually feels like they "deserve" to advance to Japan (if that makes sense) because they've already proven their popularity in Korea.

    Having said that, I really want a new album (or at least a song) by the end of the year!
  14. I think there's a new song as a B-side to the Juliette single! Don't know if that really counts though. And when I say their styling is bad I mostly just mean the Juliette styling because it's fresh in my mind. The other J-videos were alright I guess, but they all look so much better in their Korean videos. SNSD had a solid Japanese album, so let's hope another group whose name (strangely) involves 4 capital letters follows suit.
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    Really? I think the Japanese videos are much better than the Korean ones. They totally captured everything that's so brilliant about SHINee. Plus they don't look so fresh-faced now. In the original Replay/Juliette videos they look almost too young.

    And yes how could I forget, it's already been confirmed the Juliette b-side will be an original song, so we do have that to look forward to!
  16. Once they came to Japan, the Lucifer/ RDD image and sound was out the window. Like KARA they should stick with their "softer" side and intro their harder stuff later (if their successful) in Japan.

    They have the potential to be the next Tohoshinki in Japan. If I was SM, I would put them to work.
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    OKAY SINCE NO ONE IN THE MAIN THREAD EVER WANTS TO DISCUSS ANYTHING EVER ANY MORE, can we please spazz about the JongHo kiss in here? Am I the only one who cares? Yes? No? Okay.

    This forum isn't what it used to be, disappointed in you all!

  18. 3Xs


    ^Oh my that is much better!

    And wasn't that during a rehearsal or something? Did they even know they were being recorded? That's what I wanna know! haha
  19. I'd say they're sleeping together.
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