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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ribzy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I'm off the SHINee train too.
  2. 3Xs


    Half of ya'll were never even on the SHINee train to begin with, if you're just being honest with yourselves.
  3. I wasn't much into their Japanese advancements, because it conists of remakes, but their styling is ACE right now. I really hope they won't have any major awful transformation during their Korean comeback. Japanese stylists totally "get it".
  4. I'm a huge fan of SHINee, Replay is in my top 5 favourite K-Pop songs ever. I take back when I've said I've gone of them cause I haven't gone of them completely, but I just feel like they've changed so much. Their styling and everything about them was perfect during the Lucifer/Hello era.
  5. God I hate when K-pop acts go to Japan and release the same stuff in awkward Japanese and with the same choreography. I miss new SHINee material. Teen Top and Block B can only hold a man over for so long.
  6. Hello was horrific. I refuse to believe that it ever existed.

    You guys seem to forget that in their overall discography, Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong (which had similar styling) were just blips on the radar. Their style for the Japanese releases is just a continuation of what they started with.

    And honestly, the Japanese version of Replay has overtaken the original for me, mostly because Taemin actually has lines.
  7. I only like Hello at this time of the year... is that weird? I stanned hard for it when it was released last year until about Feb. I've started loving it again since the start of this month.

    Japanese Replay video is flawless (Mainly because of Yoona, let's be real now)

    I hope they comeback with something that isn't a flower boy concept.
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    I think their songs have all flowed quite well in Japanese actually. No I'm not happy about remakes either but they've made up for it with the videos and styling each time. I think with the exception of the LUCIFER PV all the new videos managed to improve on the original. Furthermore we're getting an album of almost entirely new material next week, so its really not been *that* bad when you think about it. Japanese album out of the way by the end of 2011 and hopefully some new Korean material early 2012.
  9. I really like Japanese SHINee but there is too much Taemin for me, haha. I am more Minho/Onew biased these days but I wouldn't mind going back to the days where Jjong was front and center.

    I hope they have an amazing Korean comeback whenever that is. Lucifer reamins one of the best K-Pop/ boy group albums ever. Really one of the best albums ever period for me. Really looking forward to the Japanese album though.
  10. I love Replay in Japanese. Juliette/Lucifer not so much.

    I agree with imnotshy about too much Taemin. He's great don't get me wrong but I wasn't impressed with him having some of Jonghyun's line when they didn't sound good.
  11. That's great that we are getting some new stuff. The bad? They'll barely have any new Japanese MV's because they spent all their money on the remakes.
  12. Has the tracklisting been announced yet?

    EDIT: Nevermind, found it:

    To Your Heart
    Always Love
    Love Like Oxygen
    The SHINee World
    -Bonus Track- Stranger
  13. Christ!, more than half the album is remakes. Oh well, i'm just glad we are getting some new songs.
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    Tracklisting has been out for weeks. So excited for the 6 new songs. We're essentially getting an entire mini of new material!
  15. I've got to say, considering it has lots of remakes that span their entire career, it looks like the album could flow beautifully.

    I was hoping the b-side remakes wouldn't make it, but at least Kiss Kiss Kiss was left off in favour of something new.
  16. "Kiss Kiss Kiss" is better than the boring new tracks. They better be polishing up "Lucifer 2.0" for the Korean comeback.
  17. Stranger is rather good, but I'd agree that the other album tracks are lacking. Plus I can't stand to listen to any of their Japanese versions except Replay, Juliette, and Love Like Oxygen. If their Korean Komeback is 43% as good as Lucifer I will be satisfied.
  18. The Japanese album is disappointing.
  19. The new songs seem to have been written with the sole purpose of bridging the different styles of the old songs. None of them are really bad (except maybe Start), but aside from Stranger none really stand out. Kiss Kiss Kiss is certainly better than any of them.

    I just hope their Korean comeback has nothing to do with these tracks. The fact none of them were singles gives me hope that they won't do a Mr. Taxi with any of them at least.
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    Loving my desktop wallpaper! Perfect for V-day~


    (1280 x 800)
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