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Shittest song ever recorded..?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by robots need oil, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. so it has already be established that Nickleback's 'Rockstar' is one of the shittest songs ever recorded - are there any others (in your opinions)??

    i personally detest 'america' by razorlight and 'now your gone' by Basshunter

    any others??
  2. KaMZ

    KaMZ Guest

    I like 'America'.

    There have been loads of crap in the 90's, the decade where we reached the nadir of music.

    Stuff like 'Mambo No. 5', 'Cotton-Eye Joe', 'Scatman', 'Macarena' make me rolly my eyes and leave the room when they come up on TV, radio etc.
  3. 'macarena' is particularly bad because of the dance routine - in which i refuse to participate in
  4. tommie

    tommie Guest

    Don't hate on the novelty records! At least they had some kind of knowledge that they were a bit shit.

    Rachel Stevens version of More More More has to be one of the worst things I've ever heard. Actually, most of her musical output is a bit drab.
  5. El Chombo - Chacarron without a doubt is the worst song ever I had to endure a guy at work playing it constantly for ages before it came out saying it was gonna be huge & thank god it flopped.
  6. Tangled_Up

    Tangled_Up Guest


    *there is now a pile of dust where robots need oil once stood*
  7. but alas, i am a robot and therefore INDESTRUCTIBLE.
  8. Ray


    "America" is brilliant. Agreed on the Basshunter front though.

    Oh, and Heidi Montag's forthcoming single is a strong contender.
  9. I always hated We Believe by Good Charlotte, can just about cope with their other songs but this one was particularily shit.
    Torn On The Platform was shit last year too. Oh and I hate In The Morning by Razorlight but they redeem themselves by recording Somewhere Else before it.
  10. Clea's Lucky Like That, is total pish, to this day i don;t understand why they released it, they could have gone with I Surrender, which may have at least charted for them.

    Followed closely by Chick Fit, by All Saints......dross, dross, dross!!!
  11. Chick Fit is underated, ok its not Never Ever or even I Know Where It's At but it was still a good song. It deserved Top 20 at least.
  12. thought it was a really poor second single, compared to the brilliance of Rock Steady and it did kill there comeback dead in the water.
  13. The Girl Is Mine - Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney.

    Cringeworthy in the extreme
  14. Michelle Marsh - 'Don't Do'

    REALLY awful. I don't mind the odd faceless bint releasing a single but this was just nothing but a 3 minute tidal wave of actual fucking shit.
  15. I had that on my iPod for a few months and used to just collapse in hysterics by how appalling it was. The lyrics were particularly amazing.

    I particularly despise every song ever released by Usher and also that song that goes "Yooou've been cheating and telling me lies, you've been chasing every girl in sight". Every time it comes on in a club I run to the toilets to vomit.
  16. Do you mean the Freemasons "Watchin" the one with the video that had 2 of the members of POP! in it??

    Milky x
  17. Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls is a bit of an aural atrocity.
  18. The Freemasons one is crap but the Deborah Cox original is amazing!
  19. Kylie - WOW. The chorus makes me want to vomit!
  20. This song sounds like Kylie doing an impression of herself.
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