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Should Billie Piper return to music?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Knightr634, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. She came on the pop scene thanks to Smash Hits (those were the days!) and scored a #1 with Because We Want To.

    I reckon her 2nd album was the best with Day and Night, Something Deep Inside, Ring My Bell and Walk of Life my favourites.

    She's done really well in acting with Doctor Who and Canturbury Tales but do you think Billie Piper should release another album?

    I really wish she would. I'd like her to do more acting stuff but I loved the music she released!
  2. If her album was produced by good people she should be massive again in pop. Her voice was really good!
  3. She is a far better actress than she was a singer. I think calling her voice mediocre would be too generous. It was poor. Plus, she doesn't seem to want to return to music anyway.

    I'm glad she's managed to have a successful acting career so far, especially after she had become something of a tabloid joke with the whole getting pissed every night leading up to a marriage to Chris Evans.

    I agree the songs from her second album was better than the songs from her first though. Day And Night, Something Deep Inside and Walk Of Life still sound pretty good today, while most of her older sounds very cheap now. Then again, I only liked Honey To The Bee from her early stuff anyway.

    On one of the old boards, someone said that they wished that Billie had released her cover of The Tide Is High, not because it was any good, but because it would probably have stopped Atomic Kitten's god-awful version seeing the light of day. I'd be very happy if Billie was somehow able to get in her Tardis and travel back in time making sure that happened.
  4. Billie doesn't seem like the type that regrets anything. I actually prefer her first album to her second and I wouldn't say her voice was mediocre at all - but I would rather she stayed in Doctor Who. Forever.
  5. So would I!

    She was brilliant in Doctor Who and should get an award particualy for the last episode which showed how fantastic her acting is
  6. If Billie decided to return to music it would be monumentally successful. There's so much goodwill for her nowadays. She won't though I shouldn't imagine.

  7. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    i wish she'd done a really good pop record for children in need or something, with a full-on doctor who music video.
  8. She is a much better actress that popstar, period.
  9. I don't think she'd return to it full time now. Finding a role where she gets to sing would be cool though.
  10. I have always said that if Billie were to return to music that popular music as we know it will have come full circle.

    Milky x
  11. Personally, I would LOVE Billie to release another album. She made great Pop music, but as I think someone else has already said, she'd need to have strong backing from the record company - and amazing songs behind her. But she's been accepted as a fantastic, credible actress now, sadly I don't think she'd risk her reputation by going back to pop.

  12. Has she still got her record contract with Innocent?
  13. No. Stick to the acting... she's like a young Felicity Kendall.
  14. Watched 'Day & Night' on YouTube the other day. I did like it at the time but didn't appreciate it fully. It's marvellous pop!
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