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Showin Out!- The Stock Aitken & Waterman /PWL Rate 1984-1988- #65- Not A Blur!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. This is quite possibly the gayest thing I have ever heard in my life - bravo!
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  2. In non-cruising related news, tomorrow another top 10 single bites the bullet!
  3. I think we all knew this thread would end up here eventually!
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  4. You can't beat a good cowbell!
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  5. That video came up as video unavailable for me (maybe just blocked in USA?) but glad it’s working for others. It’s really a fun little gay curiosity!
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  6. Won’t somebody please think of the children! No.

    Love it, although it doesn’t quite reach the fabulousness of this classic. Now we know what put the sin in Sinitta - she really was a gay man in a female body (dressed in perfect outfits).

  7. "A walk in the park" is an interesting one. I remember and prefer the original which was a hit in Aug/Sep 1980. The original recording of the song in 1979 featured Tony Mansfield (New Musik) but he left to form New Musik (Living by Numbers) and then went on to work with Captain Sensible (Glad it's all over) and A-ha (Hunting high and low) - now he was from Balham (South London) and I imagine Nick Straker was as well. There are plenty of green "Commons" around that part of London, therefore I do imagine it was about "Cruising":

    A walk in the park
    Away from all the busy streets of my mind
    I seek a straighter path
    I seek a shady glade in which to unwind
    But why do we go on in spite of mistakes, in spite of destruction
    Life can be fun depending on your situation.

    One would like to imagine that they were inspired by the film "Cruising" which was made and released around this time (Summer 1979 and released early 1980) - starring Al Pacino and the very sexy Paul Sorvino - a cult film but worth investigating!
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  8. Yes! And this whole bit about being led somewhere in the dark indicates he’s not just looking for quiet contemplation lol, let alone his “confusion” about not acting “like a man.”

    A walk in the park, I've got to get some sense back into my head
    I'm in the dark and I can't see where I am being led
    I'd give the world to set the clock back and act like a man
    Where can I turn to save myself from this confusion​
  9. "Cruising" by Sinitta was by James George Hargreaves who also wrote "So Macho" - he is also the same person as George Hargreaves, married Christian minister and former leader of The Christian party, trying to bring the religious right to UK politics.
    The wiki entry is quite interesting.
  10. Who's Taffy?

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  11. That was actually a fascinating read, thank you for posting. What an interesting career to say the least!

    Also what’s this:

    Hargreaves topped the chart in Iceland with an Icelandic version of a Christmas song originally recorded, but never released, by Sinitta (with Simon Cowell singing Santa "Ho ho hoes" in the background vocals) The song "I Won't Be Lonely This Christmas" became "Heima Um Jólin" and was sung by Helga Möller.

    We need the original!
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  12. Haha, poor Taffy. And the dude is so insistent that Kylie’s in it until they watch the video. And then they totally miss Doctor and the Medics. So funny. This was actually cool for me though as I didn’t know who Ruby Turner was! And love how least-essential Felix Howard is front and center of the thumbnail.

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  13. This is really pretty good! Motown Christmas in Iceland. Would love to hear Sinitta’s version! (And now that I think of it, wonder why she wasn’t in Ferry Aid when her mom was there?)
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  14. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 5.904
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 1 @letuinmybackdoor
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x1 @CasuallyCrazed


    Former frontman for the studio group Galaxy, by 1986 Fearon had gone solo and turned to SAW to “Mix” the track which returned him to the top 10 for the first time in 2 years. The song itself is a cover of a 1977 Tony Etoria single which doesn’t carry a credit for SAW however


    Mike Says “The record company brought the single to us as it needed some attention and extra work. We really should have got a credit for it”

    What did PJ say?

    Some are loving Phil’s smooth ways- step forward @nanafan “I didn’t like this for years then realised it was brilliant” @MixmasterRemix “actually quite sexy” and @letuinmybackdoor “A song I imagine most have long forgotten but one I have never stopped playing.”

    I’m similarly happyI enjoyed this more than I thought, a prime slice of mid 80s pop that seems to have been largely forgotten in the pantheon of 80s pop. A pleasant reminder” but for @unnameable it is simply “not bad”, I “think” @ohnoitisnathan is being positive here “Kind of like a male Princess.”

    In the haters corner are @WhatKindOfKylie? “So so. He has a decent enough voice, but the track itself is just not doing much for me.” And @iheartpoptarts “I have had enough.” But we can’t please everyone!



    12" Mix
  15. That Iceland song sounded like it was going to leap into Sonia's Only Fools. Motowntastic.

    I Can Prove It is the very definition of a forgettable 80s top ten hit.

    There's something just not quite there for me. It's verging on bland.

    The grey suits. The limp shambolic (and not in an endearing Bananarama way) choreography. The unnecessary three backing dancers.

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  16. Loved it. I was so happy to see him back in the charts after his mis-fire run of singles off the 2nd Galaxy album. I thought the song really suited him and I personally loved the routine, which I can still, just about, remember the moves for!!

    I didn’t realise SAW got no credit for mixing it (although in reality it will have likely been Phil Harding that did most of it with input from them).
  17. "I can prove it" got a 9 from me - I'm with @letuinmybackdoor on this one.

    Not as good as his imperial phase of 1983 to 1984 - but much better than anything off his second album from 1985!
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  18. Uno


    Awh, I'm gutted I missed out on this!

    Respectable, Venus, Turn It Into Love, Whatever I Do Wherever I Go, I Should Be So Lucky, Together Forever, Everlasting Love are all up there with my favorites. There's still a lot on this list I have yet to listen to, though.
  19. First Roadblock now this?!!!!!

    Shame on you all!!!!
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  20. There's always part 2 and 3!
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