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Showin Out!- The Stock Aitken & Waterman /PWL Rate 1984-1988- #65- Not A Blur!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Damn, even with the bleached tips and the pink pop Mike Stock looks fucking grim.
  2. Also: I never knew there was a second album in 1985?
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  4. [​IMG]
    Maggie Smith

    Mike Stock.

    Easy to confuse the two.
  5. [​IMG]



    HIGHEST SCORE: 9 X 3 @SmashHitter @Disco Blister @etcetera
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 @RaggedTiger


    Featuring former Tight Fit lead singer Steve Grant somehow found himself in this boyband (let’s call them that) after a brief solo career proved fruitless. Only two releases from this Bronski Beat side project ever materialised and SAW were only involved in this one. Thankfully. We also finally make the 6 mark in terms of average score- we’re getting there!

    What did PJ have to say?

    Only a few admirers in terms of those who commentated, none more than @Rooneyboy who declares “Cracking H-NRG number, with the added bonus of Steve Grant. Bless him”. @nanafan is also bopping “More HiNRG, more French. Was never going to chart but it’s a good single” and rather more tempered praise from @unnameable “pleasant enough”.

    @Eric Generic is at least engaged “Is that the chap from Tight Fit?! What a comedown. Gotta love all the flop 80s pop that reminds you that some things from that decade were ill-conceived. And the video cuts out in the middle of the chorus. Boo.” @iheartpoptarts meanwhile is focusing on linguistics “At first I wasn’t paying attention to the title and I totally didn’t catch on to the fact that they were speaking French.”

    Haters include myself “An early proto- Big Fun and as bad as that sounds” @WhatKindOfKylie? is no more enthralled “Interesting'. And let's leave it at that! “ and @MixmasterRemix rounds us off “music for aerobics instructors, by aerobics instructors”


    12" Mix
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  6. The answer to the question is of course:

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  7. 'So easy to be confusing'
  8. Are yoo shuwah yoo air in de cowect place?

    If a men iss eenvolved do nowt bee so shuwah.

    SAW liked their french didn't they? QU’EST-CE QUE C’EST

    Splash got a 6/10 from me. Listening to it again now it's rather enjoyable and Tight Fit boy is still fit at least.
  9. I recall Steve Grant joking that after Tight Fit, he was the kiss of death to any record in the 80s! He had a good sense of humour about it all. I think that the Splash record must have been done quickly as he didn’t seem to remember much about it.
  10. So what can we say about what's leaving tomorrow?............It must be time for a girl group no?
  11. He was too distracted by all that gym work….


    …and some things are best forgotten….

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  12. The last night for Dolly Dots, I assume!
  13. Hopefully it’s FLM. Bleugh.
  14. Not on my watch!

    What A Night is a 10 and needs to make the Top 50 at least.
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  15. I never realized there was a Bronski Beat connection until you mentioned it and I looked and saw the other Splash single was produced by two of the Bronskis!

    And wow they really were a prototype for Big Fun. I’m assuming Steve Grant must have been familiar with some incarnation of Seventh Avenue from the gay club scene.
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  16. The blond twink needed to fire his manager.

    Why is he cut out of most of the video?

    How I wish I had been "familiar" with this incarnation of Seventh Avenue.

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  17. Two very different style Hit Factory songs out there. Their variety as producers really was quite something.
  18. Seventh Avenue make Big Fun look positively heterosexual.
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