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Showin Out!- The Stock Aitken & Waterman /PWL Rate 1984-1988- AND THE WINNER IS....

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Aww no! I really like this, one of my favourite discoveries from the rate.
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  2. Whenever you need somebody has that lyric that they would often give female singers where they're submissive. The lyrics of this are 'you can shag anyone you like I will basically put up with any shit just to keep you'.
  3. I need that Austin Howard track in HQ. SAW Box #2, pronto!
  4. I was playing the 12" of this the other night (Ochi's, not Rick's) - it's bubbly and has a great tune, but there's always been something a bit...I don't know how to put it....cabaret? cruise ship?....about SAW songs like this. I think they get away with it on Ochi's version, but for Rick it was an odd move to follow-up Never Gonna Give You Up with this.
  5. Fair enough! I suppose it does have that slight edge to it like a bit Jane Mcdonald of sorts.

    I love it all the same, naturally!
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  6. I agree. I like the song but it was an odd follow up single. Similar to Kylie Got To Be Certain, it was close to hand I suspect whilst everyone figured out what to do next. Together Forever probably wasn’t finished.
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  7. Do NOT come for Got To Be Certain…..

    My biggest losses so far:
    Morgan McVey 7.5
    Rick Astley When I Fall In Love 7.5
    O'Chi Whenever You Need Somebody 6.5
    Brilliant End Of The World 6.5
    Ferry Aid 6.5

    It's gonna start hurting soon isn't it?

    Having said that there is still some dross hanging in there.

    Austin Howard only got a 3 from me for example.
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  8. Xenomania recycled stuff for Girls' Aloud's first two albums, back then very few people would have known it was a cover for Rick.

  9. It’s actually my favourite Kylie record, but it was clearly a quickie decision since they had to do something ASAP. The song was actually a Mandy Smith record. Whenever You Need Somebody was originally done by Princess, albeit with different words. So again, with Rick, it was a what-have-we-got-to-hand choice.
  10. I like Got To Be Certain ever so much, love it in fact. But in despite the fact that I like Mandy, her version is not that good is it? Kylie made it the great song that it is I think.
  11. Got To Be Certain is my favourite Kylie single of the 80s. You would be hard pushed to find a bigger Mandy fan than me but I can freely admit her version is woeful!
  12. Poor O'Chi can't even get her moment in the sun as we've all moved on to Got to be certain!
  13. Well I think Ochi's singles were great! I am grateful to this rate for reminding me of that, and getting me to dig out the Cherry Pop reissue from obscurity.
  14. Ochi made some good records, but she was on Magnet, who had the promotional skills of a wet leaf.
  15. I must admit I have trouble getting into O’Chi, her SAW stuff is ok but I like her post-SAW cover of “Rock Your Baby” better than any of her SAW singles. Kind of odd that she went more NRGetic after leaving them.

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  16. Awwww, I thought Austin Howard May last a bit longer but I suppose the big names will be coming soon so it’s not that surprising it’s gone now
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  17. I am surprised O'Chi didn't do better. That's all of her entries in this rate gone, now. I wish 'Two Hearts Beating As One' had also been part of the rate, but I guess it too would have been gone by now.
  18. Indeed, Mandy did many a great moment in her short lived pop career, but alas, this was not one of them!
  19. Later today we'll eliminate a song that a quarter of you gave 10 too!
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  20. Well, I know I do have a fair few 10's left...
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