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Shows that were largely forgotten but are still great

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by StraightActing19, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. You just described my dream show. I'm getting into this
  2. The most precocious teenagers, unbelievable plot lines, hammy acting (at times) and full of cliches. And it was great.
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  3. The first season of Nighty Night was brilliant until the finale, it went downhill towards the end and the second season was fairly crap save for a few zingers.
  4. I remember this show! BBC Two randomly aired it during the weekends in the afternoons. It was like a really bad attempt at creating a Canadian version of The OC but the lead guy was kind of hot and there was nothing else on so I convinced myself it was compelling TV.
  5. Is this Falcon Beach one centered around a restaurant of some kind? I remember some shitty Canadian teen show that used to air on (as far as I can recall) E4, maybe, circa 2003-2004, before the watershed, including a memorable scene where two of the restaurant staff are in the changing rooms and the gay one is wowed by the size of the other's...and the "bro" is like, "OK you can hold it".
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  6. I adored both. I frequently rewatch clips but need to sit down with the whole thing again. I think the first was probably stronger, yeah.
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  7. I will always love 'The 4400', 4 solid seasons. Too bad it got cancelled.
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  8. Loved the first series of Nighty Night, the second was even more nasty and warped compared the first but still strangely enjoyable! Glenn Bulb cracks me up!
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  9. I watched all six seasons of '3rd Rock From the Sun' this year and fell in love with it all over again. The writing was brilliant and the cast had amazing chemistry. Kristen Johnston and John Lithgow are so talented.

    A shame it isn't mentioned much anymore, especially when dross like The Big Bang Theory is inescapable.
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  10. Making the Band is never mentioned enough despite Aubrey O'Day and Dawn Richard becoming somebodies from the show as well as some iconic pop culture moments and it also indirectly helped Jeremih get a foothold in the industry.

    It was an unusual show in that it didn't sugar coat the music industry at all and there was very little forced drama.

    In fact it actually went ahead and showed behind the scenes producer interference (the Jason episodes in MTB3).

    Aubrey O'Day is also a great.
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  11. Grosse Point, I loved that show.
  12. I want to go with Jane By Design and Hollywood Heights though I never finished watching either and the former was cancelled. I really like them. I really liked a lot of the cancelled ABC Family shows: Lincoln Heights, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Twisted.

    Oh, and Life Unexpected and The LA Complex from the CW.
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  13. KAG


    Loved Making the Band. I never saw the O-Town seasons but the ones with Diddy were great. Aubrey was more likeable back then but Diddy was a dickhead, I don't think he cared that much about his groups, it was all about extending his brand and boosting his ego.

    The noughties were great for candid shows that went behind-the-scenes of pop. Girls Aloud: Off the Record, Totally Scott Lee, Totally Boyband, Britney & Kevin etc.
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  15. I loved that show growing up. So very bizarre, and yet it all worked so well. Kristen Johnston is amazing in everything. Including that one episode of "Sex & The City" where she has about 5 minutes of screentime, spent getting drunk, taking drugs, swearing at people and falling out of a window to her demise.
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  16. Flashforward was a brilliant show that didn't deserve to get cancelled after one season.
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  17. Great scene. I think Carrie turned it into all about herself in the next scene
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  18. Of course she fucking did.

    "Y'know girls, I couldn't help but wonder: was Lexi falling out of that window a metaphor for my relationship with Big?"
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  19. Yes, I actually think it may have been something very close to that.

    This reminds me, me and my friends went through a Carrie Bradshaw quote snapchat phase, that was great fun. She is TV's most narcissistic main character
  20. 'Girlfriends' was amazing. I fucking despised Joan and Lynne and LOVED Toni and Maya.
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