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Shura - Forevher (Second Album) & BKLYNLDN

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. The creator of one of 2016's strongest albums has begun the teasing period of a new release. Her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been cleaned out and plastered with nothing but blue, which usually means an announcement is looming.

    What are we hoping will follow on from the gorgeous Nothing's Real?
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  2. Nothing's Real was my favourite album of 2016 so I am perched as fuck for this. Decimate me with depressing tunes, Kween.
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  3. There’s been a short snippet uploaded to her Instagram story on the hour for the past 6 hours. Hoping it leads to something at midnight!
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  4. Can't wait for this. I'm listening to Nothing's Real right now and the title track and 2Shy still do things to me.
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  5. More teasing

  6. So excited.
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  7. Finally. I'm ready.
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  8. She's got a huge task following up such a brilliant pop album as Nothing's Real, but I'm so intrigued!
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  9. I'm trying not to overhype this in my mind but it's hard not to. "Nothing's Real" was my AOTY in 2016 and also now among my favorites of all time, not only because the music is so good but because of really fond personal memories. I'm here for whatever she brings next, on its own terms.
  10. Nothing’s Real was a quiet revelation for me. I didn’t take to it immediately but by happenstance revisited it during my first road trip alone and it ended up soundtracking my week of solitude. I don’t know that anything will be able to recapture the magic of that album but leaning into a higher tempo could push her sound in a new direction.
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    YAS finally!
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  12. Took long enough.
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  13. Beyond excited for this! Nothing's Real as a whole was a slow burner, so I've not got a huge pressure on my mind for this to be immediately brilliant, which is almost a relief. I can't wait.
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  14. Excited for this having loved the debut but do I wonder if the bit of momentum she built up has been lost in the past couple of years.
  15. She better give me another sweet 80s-inspired ballad, I still use 2Shy and Kindz N Stuff but I need some new stuff to get me teary.
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  16. A sister to 'Make it Up' is all I ask.
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  17. Oh my god I figured we’d be waiting another few years for this! Her debut ended up becoming one of my favorite records of the last decade at least and I still play it constantly. I can’t wait to hear what she’s been working on.
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  18. New single premieres in two days!

  19. Guest member

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    What does it say on her T-shirt in that new press pic? "ForevHer"? Possible title?
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