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Shura - Forevher (Second Album) & BKLYNLDN

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Oops, edited now! I blame my excitement about the new era for this.
  2. Those autotuned (?) harmonies in the prechorus are everything.
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  3. The production, holy crap. And that outro where she goes full Alt-R&B; give me everything I need, Shura.
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  4. I wonder what special editions she'll do for the vinyl this time. The last era suited the extras, but I doubt she'll include a lesbian colour-by-numbers book this time.
  5. I’m shaking. Turn me into an emotional wreck again, Queen.
  6. What a return. The song sounds like sex and the outro feels like love.
  7. I finally had my first listen now and YES. I knew she would deliver, and the sound is just different enough from the vibe on Nothing's Real that I'm not comparing the two.
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  8. Wait at that unexpected but completely divine outro.
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  9. I didn't really like Nothing's Real as much as the pre-release songs suggested but this sounds lovely. Album soon pls.
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  10. Forevher? She's already ripped my heart from chest and squeezed every tear from my ducts with that title.
  11. Got myself a ticket to see her at the roundhouse hoping she will sells out I think it’s a bit smaller than the O2Forum Kentish Town which is where I saw her on her last tour.

    Lovely venue though.
  12. Where did you find the info on the producers?
  13. I read it somewhere but I can’t find it now, maybe I dreamed it.
  14. BLYNLDN was produced by Joel Pott and Shura.
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  15. I think you may have confused Shura with The Japanese House?
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  16. Probably this, I’ve been obsessing over her album too
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  17. The new song has grown on me so much, already one of my favorites from this year
  18. Co-written with Shu!

  19. I really can't get into it, the spark that was present on her debut album feels gone to me in that particular song.
  20. One of her best songs. This album is going to be one of everyone's favourites of the year.
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