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Shura - Forevher (Second Album) & BKLYNLDN

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. I’m still struggling to properly articulate my feelings in relation to this but man, it really is like bathing in heaven, isn’t it? Those rocketing squawks that appear at the very end of the coda...every time I hear that part I do a full body shiver.
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  2. This is stunning, what a comeback.
  3. 2014

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  4. This isn't love, oh
    This is an emergency
    Keep thinking of
    That picture that you sent to me

    So you're coming over
    Brooklyn to London
    No I didn't expect it
    Now we're lying in my bed


    i'm still obsessed with
  5. I was blasting this on my cycle to work today, as I do every day, living my summer (in love) fantasy while the heavens opened up and rained down all over me. It was a moment. Every play of this song is a moment.
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  6. It feels so good to have her back. She really captured the feeling of infatuation on BKLYNLDN. I'm finally fooling around with new guys at the moment and the honeymoon phase can really be a dizzying but exhilarating experience. She just gets queer love and articulates it perfectly.
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  7. She just announced a US tour! I’m there! Her last show was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to!
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  8. Ok but I need an album preorder sis.
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    YATH just booked a ticket for Roundhouse just because I know she'll deliver.
  10. I don't know a single Amsterdam hunty who even knows Shura but I'll be there even if solo. She was amazing supporting Chvrches in 2016. I don't think I'd listened to her beforehand but she did 2Shy and I decided to stan there and then.

    Also the London date is just £22. A steal!
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  11. I’m guessing a late August release for the album.
  12. Just got my Amsterdam ticket for €18. I feel like I just robbed one of my favourite popstars.
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  13. Yeah, with a special limited version. No bloody colouring books this time though.
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  14. This has just clicked and I love it .. but nothing beats the amazingness of Indecision
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  15. Bopping hard to the Four Tet remix of Touch, which I somehow only just discovered, right now.

    Turns a chill bop into a boppy bop very nicely.
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  16. Is there any word on when we're getting another track?
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  17. It's honestly such a crime that BKLYNLDN is languishing with 1.25m streams on Spotify and the likes of Pitchfork haven't even bothered to review it? (They didn't even review Nothing's Real despite it appearing on various year-end best of lists.) More people need to be aware of how fucking essential this song is.

    Does she have no mildly over-enthusiastic Brazilian stans who can run a futile but charming campaign or something? (Do they know how to do that for Spotify yet, or are they still orchestrating download days?)
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  18. I hope we get album details relatively soon. The single is easily one of the best of the year.
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