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Shura - Nothing's Real (debut album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. I need to see her live, so I can shuffle sadly in the corner to 'White Light' (while being smothered in a smoke machine), and then jump in a frenzied manner with the entire crowd during 'What's It Gonna Be?'

    Bae needs to throw in a couple of Scottish dates.
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  2. Lyrically theres some real tear jerking lines that hint at a Carly Rae talent emerging.

    Shes's able to be matter of factly lay out her emotions without being too needy and vulnerable theres a realt strength to her lyrics that make me want to stan.

    Production is ace too.
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  3. RJF


    This is isn't doing much for me at all.
  4. No.4# in the early mids.
  5. Lack of variety is definitely the biggest hit. It's great listening though.
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  6. Great album, I agree that it's very focused on expense of variety but it's common thing on debut albums.
  7. The criticism of her voice is so weird to me. She's so emotive but also coolly detached. It's a difficult balance to hit.

    I also only knew 2 Shy and had seen her live supporting Chvrches so I was super stoked for this album but didn't know the other singles. It's a fucking immense collection of songs.

    Game o-oh-oh-oh-VER!
  8. Yeah, I don't know. Love Touch & What's It Gonna Be, but the rest isn't quite hitting me?
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  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Her voice doesn't have any charisma to it. Don't get me wrong, she has a nice voice but it's kind of anonymous.
  10. I love the What's It Gonna Be video, so I'm gonna give her album a chance.

    I don't have an issue with her voice. It's the typical imp-ish indie pop voice. Reminds me of MS MR.
  11. The title track is so fucking good.
  12. RJF


    I really, really like "Make It Up", but the album kind of bleeds together in a playthrough. I'm surprised her voice has became such a talking point in this thread. It's unremarkable in the sense that, well, it really shouldn't inspire any remark. It carries the songs, but doesn't elevate them.

    I'll maybe try some of the songs in isolation a little later as opposed to going for the full album, but right now it's giving off vibes of something I would have loved when I was nineteen, but not necessarily now. It's sparkly and shimmery and dreamy but ultimately just a bit toothless and kind of derivative.
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  13. This acoustic live video of "What's It Gonna Be" shows that she has a little bit more personality to her voice than the album would suggest.

    Totally hear why this might blend to some, but after 3 full listens, it's really working its way in and I'm noticing so many nuances to the songs.
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  14. I'd probably love this album if they turned her voice up a bit in the mix and gave the production a bit of an expansive kick. So much to potentially adore about these songs but they all sound a bit flat.
  15. She's serving 'In the style of Stacey Q' vocals throughout.
  16. Don't you stan Rachel Stevens though?
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    omg ur zomg funny.

    Rachel's as anonymous as they come but like everything on this album sounds same-y vocals wise. Obviously she could hit more notes that Rachel but like it doesn't show a lot of character. Even Little Boots with her flat icy vocals can carry some character/emotion in her voice in a few songs.
  18. I don't hear a lack of emotion. This album is blowing me away. Stands with the rare likes of Heartthrob, Speak For Yourself, Come and Get It and Echoes as a pretty flawless pop record.
  19. It's very last dance at prom which I'm liking, it's sweet, it's subtle, sometimes emotional. She doesn't have the range, but works with what she has, great production and song writing.

    Oh, and that transition from Kidz 'N' Stuff to Indecision sl*ys me each time.
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  20. I love the album, but I get the criticism of her voice being a little monotonous. There seems to be a thing at the moment for breathy female vocalists - Halsey, Jessie Ware, Shura - in fact if you listen to any given PJ New Friday Spotify Playlist, around 50% seems to be breathy female singers.
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