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Shy Martin - Bad in Common + Good Together (new Swedish pop girl)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by 4Roses, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    Stockholm-based artist, lesser known as Sara Hallstrom, responsible for penning such hits as Mike Perry’s ‘The Ocean’ and The Chainsmoker’s ‘All We Know,’ among a plethora of top pop and dance co-signs that now includes Astrid S, Bebe Rexhe and Kygo.

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  2. She co-wrote two of Bebe and Astrid’s best songs (Not the One and Bloodstream)! I’d love to hear her Bloodstream demo tbh
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  4. Yes! Can’t wait to listen in a couple of hours.
  5. I can't get Julie Bergan's 'Guilt Trip' out of my head listening to this. It's really good, but sounds like a lot of other songs.
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  7. Nice change of pace with the new single Lose You Too:

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  8. Is this the girl that sang on Mike Perry's the ocean?
  9. Yes.
  10. Call me pedantic but if this is the new single why is it so low on their Spotify page? Ddd fix it.
  11. 'Forget to Forget' is that girl. Lemme follow her real quick.
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  12. New EP featuring all of the singles from the past 12 months + 2 new songs:

  13. 'Just a Little Longer' is very cute
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  14. New single:

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  15. Lyric video for Out of My Hands:

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