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I was so confused when she introduced Playboy saying it’d just been released, it completely slipped me by!

I thought the gig was great. As @Mr Blonde said the setlist was pretty much smash after smash. It’s probably a crowd-dependant kinda gig as she’s essentially vibing to her own songs, but our show was hyped so I had a blast.
Missing the resales and getting to the Webster Hall in NYC just for them to turn me away, I know it isn't FULLY sold out.

Give me a single ticket godammit.
he / him
This is going to sound so petty, but as a user, it's frustrating how many different ways "Heaven (feat. Tinashe)" has been tagged.

• Heaven
Shygirl, Tinashe
• Heaven (feat. Tinashe)
Shygirl, Tinashe
• Heaven feat. Tinashe
Shygirl, Tinashe

Of the new tracks, "Crush" is my favorite, although "Angel" is a close second.
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She’s here

Angel is stunning but it doesn’t have the drop nn I continue to yearn for Thicc

My initial review:
It’s a really inspired concept to give us a re-imagined, alternate reality version of Nymph rather than a run of the mill deluxe. We got new songs, mixes, new sequencing, we even lost songs. The remixes for the most part aren’t blowing me away (except for Firefly) but I’m loving the new songs. The original Nymph is still the definitive version to me, but Nymph_o breathes some new life into an album that I’ve been completely rinsing since release.
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In the studio with SG Lewis yesterday!

I have to say both versions of Nymph aren't fully clicking. I keep returning because I want to love them and because I adore her since I first saw her live but there are several moments it all wears thin. But I feel there are great things to come seeing who she already has worked and is working with.