Shygirl - "Heaven (feat. Tinashe)" + Nymph_o

We love to see it. Do we know if she’s charting in the top 20 yet?

I know she wanted to keep “Cleo” and “BDE” separate from the project, and rightfully so, but I assume they probably could have given her a decent boost if they were included on the digital edition?
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Obsessed with how the USB looks like ice and chrome

BDE I can see being on Nymph, even if it and Nike come a little too close together sonically.

Cleo less so. That could be on a Bond soundtrack for a reverent club/party scene.
She says at the end of the interview that she just worked on a remix of “Heaven” with someone she really loves. Super curious.
Ooh need! Hands down my favourite song on the album, with Coochie following close behind. Nike, Shlut, and Woe are also Top 5.

Who's vocals are that halfway through on Woe by the way?
Never listened to her and gave the album a shot. I liked it. Favorites are Heaven, Shlut, Coochie, Woe, Nike and Firefly.

I cannot stand Come For Me, its just pure noise to my ears. Feel free to butcher me back and forth for saying it!

Other than that, this is a cute debut album.
As much of a triumph as I still believe TASTY is and as much as I would have gladly taken a whole album in that vein without a second of hesitation, I respect her so much for consciously taking a relative turn in the other direction (I say "relative" because this all still sounds like Shygirl to me, just a different side of her) with Nymph. It's so satisfying as a unit.
So "Angel" is out there and it's... stunning? I never knew I needed Shy to do 90s girl group vocals until now. I really hope she finishes and releases it.