Shygirl - "Heaven (feat. Tinashe)" + Nymph_o

Inland Empire

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What an incredible EP. I absolutely love how many retro pop sounds she’s taken and mixed into the whole...cyberpunk android-fuel cocktail. Literally every song is a highlight, but the combo of Bawdy and Siren is just out of this world.

Now it’s time for me to binge on every other song she’s got on Spotify.
It’s here!


This EP slaps. I'm officially a little shygirlie.
What does BAWDY sample? That synthline in the hook is taken directly from a 2000s banger I can't put my finger on.

edit: nvm not a direct sample, this is what I was thinking of though ddd.

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“She came to fuck” energy defies gender or context—it’s the concept of having a single goal and the gall to believe that you’ll either achieve it or be completely unfazed if you don’t. It contains the driving forces behind a good party: shamelessness and debauchery. In a year of no touching, these euphoric party moments feel far away, but Shygirl’s endearing hedonism brings that sweaty room a bit closer. ALIAS is a glittering light, a portal into the future and everything you might do.