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Shygirl - Nymph (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hurricane Drunk, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Video tomorrow

    Full release info from her site:

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  2. A&E


    Firefly was just premiered on Radio 1 and is now on streaming:

    Written by Cecile Believe, Kingdom, Sega Bodega, Shygirl, Trey Songz and Troy Taylor (I assume there's a sample)
  3. Midnight edition? Are we gonna get two videos like "who's that chick"?
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  4. “Firefly” is so different for her. So light. I love it.

  5. Firefly is so good! Can't wait to see the video.
  6. Bought the signed vinyl bundle with poster and cassette

    It's a bop!
  8. Mmm not feeling this one.
  9. Firefly is hypnotic - wasn't sure how I felt when it first started playing, but it swept me up and I'm bopping.
  10. Oh yes Firefly is it.
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I like it, but it's really not that anything she's done before.
  12. This is so genteel and feels very instant grat track than something more momentous, but I'm bopping along sadly.
  13. Based on the few clips we’ve heard, the press release dropping terms like “lush” and “artful” and “intimacy”, and what she said about this being a project with more intent behind it than the EPs, I think the whole thing is going to be more chilled and reflective than we’re used to, which I’m super excited about.
  14. Something about it is giving Madonna to me… I’m just not sure what. Really love it anyhow.
  15. Something about the way she comes on that “watching you, waiting, anticipating… just a touch would let me know” bit is very Mariah to me
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  16. Oh I absolutely love Firefly. Definitely more light and tender and romantic than what we’ve heard before.
  17. Loving this for Shygirl. I'm all in for tender, introspective and lush.
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  18. This is gorgeous.
  19. Love this! For some reason it reminds me of like… Natasha Bettingfield on acid.
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  20. I keep hearing the Trouble pre-chorus in the stuttered parts of the verses
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