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Shygirl - Nymph (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hurricane Drunk, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. She’s doing a Q&A on Instagram. “Come for Me” out June 7th and “Firefly” dawn edition video coming soon.
  2. I didn’t clock this earlier, since I was only skimming her Q&A, but pretty sure this is the tracklist in emoji form


    Here’s what I got so far:

    1. Woah/Wow (I noticed Sega left a comment on her page saying “wow” when she announced the album and Shy replied “woah”)
    2. Come for Me
    5. Firefly
    9. Poison
    10. Honey (previewed on her TikTok)
    12. Wildfire (untitled clip of this leaked, fans kept calling it “Nymph”)

    And I think she’s probably referring to Track 6 here

    She also posted her setlist which included two new tracks called “Thicc” and “Coochie”. She said only one of them is on the album.
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  3. This track samples Caroline Polachek's voice too
  4. “Come For Me” is out there. The visualizer was uploaded on her Youtube channel and the link somehow leaked.
  5. Clips of the two new songs she did at Primavera are on her stories right now. What I assume to be "Thicc" sounds like a banger and "Coochie" is a kinda trip-hop bop (also it has to be track 6)
  6. I need Coochie!!!
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  7. Out now! I like the studio version a lot more. She’s serving a bit of Volta era Björk here.

  8. Unfortunately not feeling this one.
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  9. Hoping Nymph is more “Firefly” than “Come For Me”. Not into it.
  10. It's a bit of a mess, isn't it? Firefly's better.
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  11. This is probably her first miss for me.
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  12. I think it would work better as an interlude moment. I don’t think there’s enough going on lyrically or with the production to justify an entire track, unfortunately. I do think the studio is obviously better than the live performances, but it does still drag on a bit after about a minute.
  13. I think it's great! Arca X Shygirl is a match made in heaven, but I guess it's just too ahead of its time for some people.
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  14. cpr


    It’s very /\/\ /\Y/\ meets Arca which I should love in theory, but there’s not much too the song besides its influences. This is her third miss in a row for me which is unfortunate cause I’ve loved all her EPs and singles up until now.
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  15. I don't love any of these recent tracks. I might have to dip out for this era which is a shame as I was rooting for her.
  16. 3Xs


    It's giving interlude. Not sure this needed to be a single, especially with the album release still so far off. Firefly grew on me though so hopefully we get at least another single or two before then.
  17. Come for Me is weird as hell and I'm quite entranced by it. This one is really for the girlies.
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  18. I didn’t catch that she was in the video until I saw screenshots on Twitter and I had to rewatch. I love the ~nature vibes we’re getting this era.

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