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Shygirl - Nymph (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hurricane Drunk, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. “Cleo” featured in the Mugler Summer ‘22 campaign

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  2. Come For Me, spiritually, is very Homogenic.
  3. Megan dancing to Shygirl is something I didn't know I needed! Also get that promo!
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  4. "Come For Me" is definitely giving Timbaland-produced Volta b-side. I am shaking my ass to the more stripped down section around the middle.
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    It's actually ok for me, but Firefly is miles ahead of it; that's up there as one of her best now.
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  6. Hmmm, I am unsure how to feel here. Cleo left me a tinge underwhelmed, and the two new ones are minor misses for me.

    Honestly part of the problem for me may be that… I don’t love her singing voice that much. I think she’s at her best with her signature distorted spoken-word rap over a heavy bass. ALIAS is one of my absolute favourite projects of the last few years, so honestly I would have taken more from the same plate as that and BB, BDE etc.

    I shall however remain open-minded!
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  7. Cleo is massive, so I'm not going to entertain that its anything less.

    These new tracks certainly fit a new more experimental vibe, so I can see why they are harder to digest. I'm kind of living for this sort of mid-2000s era bjork experience. Firefly is really great, and Come For Me is really cool and atmospheric.
  8. I got nervous about how other people might receive the new material when I heard she would be singing a lot on the album compared to her previous works. I do love her voice a lot, though, even if she doesn’t have the strongest vocals. Something about her tone is just entrancing to me.

    I’m reminded by this exchange, which had me dying laughing

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  9. Her vocal range while limited 100% suits the kind of lush, experimental music she’s been making lately. There’s just something so velvet-y and rich about her tone, it feels like another instrument that complements the textures of her sounds.

    She could have stayed making dark sexy bangers and I wouldn’t complain, but Cleo, Firefly and Come For Me show off her versatility and makes me even more excited to watch her grow.

    I’m surprised people aren’t too crazy about Come For Me, but that kind of song is 100% in my wheelhouse.
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  10. I love “Come For Me” in theory, the first half is great, but it feels unfinished after that and meanders a bit as a result.

    But yes, I love that she’s flexing more sonically, because she easily could have played it more safe as she’s on her way to having a breakthrough moment with a specific sound.
  11. At this point I may just wait for the whole album and go in open minded to the project as a whole. Cleo keeps growing on me, I don’t dislike firefly but I can’t remember it which is a first for Shy & me. Why Come For Me is prerelease when it screams interesting moment of whatever album track has me a biT nervous.

    also I understand the desire to expand and explore artistically but it is hard to see her zag left when she was on the right track for a major breakout moment. I just hope the album provides some major Shygirl bops for cruising this summer
  12. I think Come For Me is kinda great? I have a large capacity for Arca’s nonsense so maybe that’s it nn but it’s lush and fascinating even if it goes on longer than it needs to.

    The tepid reaction to the total luxury that is Cleo is more surprising to me. The perfect bridge between the club bangers of Alias and this new fragile world she’s building with Nymph. It’s hot.
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  13. Yeah, I don’t dislike “Come for Me”, it’s just a lil long. But that’s fine when we have many more songs on the way. I’m loving the general vibe of everything.
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  14. I think I might like Come For Me more when it’s in the context of an album. At the moment by itself, it’s a bit Arca Kick iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii etc
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  15. Apparently it was actually a leftover from one of the Kick albums, and one of the first tracks they recorded together, so that makes sense
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  16. I couldn’t ima
    I couldn’t believe THIS was scrapped. This is masterclass compared to some of the songs used on project Kick.
  17. Dd, she changed “BB” again. It sounds like the original, but also not quite?
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  18. Really, how? Hopefully it was to add the sample back in!
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