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Shygirl - Nymph (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hurricane Drunk, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. I'd held off on firefly based on the muted reaction on here but I really liked it. I particularly loved the quieter garage vibes. Not the waiting anticipating rhyme though ddd
  2. Oh this is a bop. I await the mashup with “The Big Big Beat”
  3. Wait I thought everyone loved it?
  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Yeah Firefly has not been off repeat for me - it's so gorgeous.
  5. "Just Do It", track 8 on the album, also randomly leaked today. It's probably a promo single coming at some point but not sure.
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  6. “Nike” is a bop
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    • Firefly is a beautiful delicate quieter moment
    • I'm still not sold on Come for Me though
    • Perched for Coochie
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  7. Do we think it was probably ripped from a visualizer on her page like “Come for Me” was?
  8. I think that or something similar. The leaked file is 128 kbps, just like other recent leaks that came from Youtube/Youtube Music (This Hell, Potion, Hot in It etc).
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  9. cpr


    Okay this is it!!!
  10. ‘Hollaback Bitch’ is an entire mood.
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  11. Thats the most fun I've had with a song using the word 'bitch' since Madonna put out the I'm Not Your Bitch mix of Human Nature!
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  13. “Wildfire” is the closing track if the emoji tracklist she posted before is anything to go by

    Add in “Coochie (Bedtime Story)” for track 6 and “Nike” for track 8. Curious if “Missing U” is on it. She previewed it on her stories last year.
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  14. Is mura masa normally this good or does this bop thanks to shy’s magic cause what a bop!
  15. He tends to be really worth checking out. The second album was probably not for everyone, but it has some great songs. The debut is brilliant.
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  16. His debut album was a 10.
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  18. Mura Masa is brilliant!!!

    Also Firefly is song of the year who has muted reaction let me speak to them…
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