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Shygirl - Nymph (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hurricane Drunk, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Mura Masa’s self titled album is wall to wall BOPS (the follow up well… the Clairo song is great!).

    I’m addicted to Hollaback Bitch. Shygirl and Channel Tres doing their spoken word thing on the same track is hot as hell.
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  2. Yeah they both have sexy ass voices. Suddenly the Puth is me!
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  3. Also why does the "bitch bitch bitch bitch" part remind me of this dd
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  4. I assume it’s “Nike”, but hoping for “Coochie”

    Edit: okay, I think she’s hinting at “Coochie”!

  5. I finally got around to listening to Come For Me and... I really want to love this. It's like a mid-2000s Darkchild or Timbaland production from an alternate universe where surreal and cursed memes are normal and vice versa.

    It gets better with every play; there's something about its production and vibe that I cannot place but it gives me an extreme deja vu feeling. Sort of haunting, sort of nostalgic. Truly a siren on the rocks pulling me into the deep. I kind of stan.
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  6. ‘I really put the whole coochie in this’. asdflaslfksk I love her.
  7. I’m screaming. Someone take those files away from him.

  8. I cannot! BB is still firmly top 5 shy for me but at this point who knows if it sounds anything like I remember dd
  9. It’s like an aural version of spot the difference at this point. Both of them a menace.
  10. I'm convinced this is some sick and twisted way to inflate the streams.
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  11. Gutted I missed the signed test pressings for Nymph earlier. I just need to keep reminding myself that I own Alias on vinyl and I’ll be okay…

    In other news, she was on Clara Amfo’s show and did live renditions of “Firefly”, “Come for Me”, and “Kiss From A Rose”

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  12. Not me trying to decipher her emoji tracklist last month when it's been up on since May:

    1 Woe
    2 Come for Me
    3 Shlut
    4 Little Bit
    5 Firefly
    6 Coochie (a Bedtime Story)
    7 Heaven
    8 Nike
    9 Poison
    10 Honey
    11 Missin U
    12 Wildfire
  13. a Robyn stan!
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  14. Her power in killing me with just song titles
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  15. She sang a song last night at Berghain as an encore that according to is called THICC. Where is that from? It went off. The whole concert was fantastic.
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  16. It’s unreleased, not for the album. I imagine it’ll be a one off at some point.
  17. I need it yesterday. It was such a moment and a couple people asked what it was.
  18. Scream at her posting a lipsync of “2 Die 4” on her TikTok. Now hop on it and make Addison release it.
  19. “Coochie” video Wednesday!

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