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Shygirl - Nymph

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hurricane Drunk, Oct 22, 2019.

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  2. Yeah, they have a warning for it. It’s essentially for display only, but can be played as well:

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  3. £120 for an essentially useless bit of vinyl that's been dipped in some paint, actively sounds like shit and gives you a mysterious long-term lung issue as it flakes away slowly over the next 18-24 months

  4. Looks like she maybe filmed a video for "Heaven" (guessing based on her previewing it in the "Coochie" video) in Sweden, directed by Diana Kunst

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  5. Ddddd. Not you mildly convincing me to cancel my pre-order. I legit thought it was made of actual metal for that price, not some shiny paint shit. But that’s on me for not even reading that far.
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  6. Pretty sure it's a metal coating, like the Gatsby vinyl. I don't think they make pure metal records, it would prolly destroy your turntable.

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  7. She finished her recent show in Berlin with it and there were so many people wondering what it was because it really hit some nerves. We need it.

    From that short clip it sounds like it should be hard hitting Break My Soul remix to be honest. Thique/Thicc too.
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  8. Hopefully the money I spent on the chrome vinyl goes towards paying for the song to be finished
  9. Yes!

    Also I can’t wait for her next show. I saw her in a festival and on her own within the last two months and both shows have been different but also both shows have been just great.
  10. "Shlut" leaked. It's a horny bop.
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  11. I'm fucking obsessed with Coochie.

    Hello? Is anyone there?

    Get Blane to be the voice when you dial the Talking Clock.

  12. Has this been talked about yet? I love it! Between this and Coochie I'm living.
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  13. Slime has been out as part of the Alias EP since 2020, you should check out the whole EP!
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  14. Wait I was already excited for this movie then I heard Daddy AF by Slayyyter was in it, now this! Movie soundrack of the year I fear. Let me go check what else is in it.
  15. Loving A24 giving the alt-pop girlies some sync coin.
  16. I believe Ethel Cain said she was in talks with them to score a film as well dd. We love to see it!
  17. If this gives her enough funds to print vinyls… A24 standing up for gay rights time and time again
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  18. The longevity SLIME has had is wild. We love to see it.
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  19. Coochie is a bop, I'm a lil annoyed that Cleo is not on the album tho
  20. Especially because Cleo is better than everything else released from the album so far.
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