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Shygirl - Nymph

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hurricane Drunk, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. "Cleo" was always intended as a one off with "BDE". She did say she might release a 7" with both eventually.
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  2. RIP your wallet ddd
  3. She was signing vinyl on live a little bit ago. She said she’s dropping two more songs and one more video before the album, one of which is “Nike”. There’s a USB edition of the album coming soon with an extra track (not “Thicc”) as well. She's working on new music, and wants to keep it coming.

    She also explained that she has so many vinyl variants because people kept whining to her about Alias not having enough copies dd.

    Edit: Oh, she also played “Woe”
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  4. They way people will continue to whine and also complain there are too many variants of this dd. She's so gosh darn stubborn like just press a black variant or something??
  5. I honestly love her approach to needy fans, keep them in their place!!
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  7. So the video she filmed in Sweden is for "Shlut". She posted a still from it on Discord

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  8. She’s honestly one of the most gorgeous artists alive in my eyes.
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  9. Every time I see that little character it reminds me of that one Digimon dd.
  10. K94


    Not a Sunday chile
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  11. Colors performance tomorrow!

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  12. How can I join the discord server? The link I found is 2 yrs old and invalid
  13. She’s giving 2003 Kelis

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  14. Double post, but her demo of “Bbycakes” leaked and it’s way better than the final. Not sure why she didn’t have a verse on that when she recorded a whole track solo. Now we need someone to splice Pinkpantheress into it and we have a man free version!
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  15. If this wasn’t on a Sunday I would totally be there. But not when I need to be in the office by 9am the following morning ddd.
  16. Nike is cute! I was half expecting her to pronounce Nike wrong cause according to Charli that's not how British people say it dd. sowhatisthetruth.gif
  17. “Nike” is very this era. Like it slots right in…

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