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Shygirl - Nymph

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hurricane Drunk, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. "Nike" is taking it.
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  2. This one is for the "b-b-but where are the bops" girls. Y'all better dance to this new shit!

  3. Oh Nike is it. I’m so hyped for the album.
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  4. Do I listen or do I wait?!
  5. With Nike being pretty huge, Coochie being a smash, and Come for Me growing on me greatly, I can now consider myself firmly back on board with this project!
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  6. K94



    Don't doubt my sista AGAIN xx
  7. That beat is filthy. Of course I love it. This is going to be one of my favorite albums of the year, I fear.
  8. It's giving me This Is Not A Test! Missy deep cut.
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  9. This feels frustratingly incomplete.
  10. I told him lay the pipe
    And he blew it

  11. She really said fuck your work week with these events

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  12. I think TWELVE is still the one for me. That eerie, bouncing synth, the lyrics, her nonchalant delivery…

    I mean… “I said I didn’t like it but I did; guess I wasn’t raised right, mumsy raised a naughty kid, daddy raised a wild one, daddy raised a fiend… pulling up on bitches every chance I get, villain of the scene”.

  13. Talking to Doechii!

  14. Apple Music session and interview

  15. I've had the biggest 180 with Come For Me. You can tell Blane was listening to Homogenic and Vespertine in the dark, repeatedly, and thought "I'm gonna riddle dem hoes and heaux maux's and they will eat it or else!"
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  16. Yeah, I’ve come around to it too. She’s a Björk stan, and I love that Björk is seemingly a fan as well based off that Pitchfork article.

    Shy has been hinting at a few pretty exciting things on her Discord the last couple days, including a mixtape and a deluxe/remix album for Nymph. Seemed to suggest that her label will let her do more if the album actually charts, so fingers crossed!
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  17. Hope she gets the memo because if so she must be trilled about the Pitchfork piece revealing that Björk is playing BDE while driving through Reykjavík. Her sampling some Björk classic for a new banger would be very appreciated.
  18. She may or may not have hinted at a collab with an artist she's a massive fan of. No specifics, but she doesn't openly talk about a lot of people she's inspired by.
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